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3 things to know about the Chinese market before recruiting

Recruitment is essential for a company in China, but it is a country where knowing certain key elements about the market’s complexity is vital.

Workforce cost

For western companies who would like to set up in China, wages and overall costs for the local workforce are significantly lower than in the West. Nevertheless, salaries for Chinese employees are on the rise. Also, there is a large disparity with the minimum wage. Each city, even each district, can impose its own minimum wage. Alongside these differences can be added complex Chinese labor laws, which contribute to acquisition costs and HR management. INS Global Consulting helps companies avoid a large part of these costs.

Consulting firms RH

Several experienced consulting firms in China are available to help foreign companies to recruit a workforce and manage contracts. These firms, including INS Global Consulting, offer companies multiple recruitment solutions such as WFOE. Enlisting the help of these HR partners enables a company to avoid the headaches of the complex labor and tax laws in China. It is also an way to speed up the formation of teams and to recruit the best experts for your business.

Expat recruitment

China attracts more and more highly-qualified foreign workers. However, to work in China, all foreign applicants must have a Chinese work visa. This long-term “Z” visa involves lengthy procedures between the recruiter and the local administrative office. To avoid this, companies can call upon the wage portage services of consultants like INS Global Consulting. WFOE through INS allows foreigners to attain the “Z” visa in China.


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DATE April 16, 2019
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