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5 Tips to make your recruitment campaign appealing to the Chinese market

With the exponential growth of foreign companies setting up in China, managers are facing fierce competition to attract the best talent in their team. An effective recruitment campaign run by an agency such as INS Global Consulting can help you discover rare gems.

A competitive salary package

Money does not necessarily bring happiness to your candidate, but the salary package is a main factor that will influence their interest and final decision in joining your company .Other benefits included in the package will also make your potential new employee consider your offer. Offering a salary package which is below the current market average salary will considerably decrease your chances in finding a suitable applicant, which can considerably effect your long term budget allocated to recruitment.

An unattractive salary pand below the local market can slow down your recruitment process in China, gradually becoming expensive for your company. Don’t hesitate to invest when it comes to hiring the best human resources; it’s an investment that will quickly pay off.

Moreover, salary offered to candidates should be on a progressive scale. With a few years of experience accumulated within the company, it makes sense for an employee to get a raise. Additionally, you have the possibility of adding a variable element within the salary. If your company’s profits rise without any salary increase, employees motivation will be at risk.  The young candidate knows this.

Real possibilities of career development

Young professionals generation is flexible: When committing to a company, they will offer their loyalty but are expecting career development opportunities in return. As a result, young professionals are not only paying close attention to the salary package being offered but also to career growth opportunities as well as to the promotion opportunities. In China, fierce competition between companies can be explained by the low financial constraints. You should therefore promise the possibility of promotions to candidates.

Emphasize both Hard and Soft Skills

Hard skills are teachable abilities that candidates can learn through courses and training. On the other hand, soft skills, also known as “Interpersonal Skills”, are subjective skills demonstrating how your candidate relate to a situation or how they interact with other people.

Hiring a candidate with valuable interpersonal skills matching your company’s policy, values and needs will have a significant impact in the long-term orientation.

Training and personal development

For the sake of your company and the employee, given the changing nature of our environment, the latter should remain competitive through training and improving their knowledge. Talented young professionals generally look to climb the ladder and tackle new challenges. This is achieved through internal training, mentoring schemes and career mobility.

Maintain your reputation

In this era of social networking, when information can be quickly shared worldwide, maintaining your reputation is challenging. The slightest comment can have a crucial impact on your company’s name: On one hand, positive feedbacks of your company will be more appealing to candidates considering joining your team. On the contrary, negative reviews can make your potential new employee question your company on different levels: internal policy, management, working environment, etc. Being active on social media and maintaining your reputation certainly is necessary. However, effectively use them as a tool of communication with digital natives is more essential.

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