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Accompanying foreign professionals in China

Several operators are present in China to help you establish your business and take charge of certain administrative processes. The services offered are varied, and can provide solutions to your needs.

WFOE and wage portage

You can facilitate and accelerate the establishment of your business by working with a provider who offers wage portage services through the structure of a WFOE, which will notably allow you to give employees work permits and visas. The provider will also take care of all administrative procedures related to recruitment (whether in China or abroad). This choice can also help you minimize installation risks and costs.


Without a thorough understanding of Chinese culture, it is essential to work with recruitment specialists (established in China for a significant period of time) in order to acquire the most effective human resources.

Help with creating a business

Certain consultants can advise you in choosing the most suitable legal structure for your project. From a WFOE or joint-venture, to a sales office or representative office, you have the choice between several different organizational forms. Support may also be provided to help you set up the structure until at least the actual start of efficient business activities.

Pay management and tax declaration

Free yourself from certain administrative tasks and concentrate your resources on your principle business operations by entrusting pay management and tax declarations to an external provider.

Client invoicing

Sub-contracting offers can also take care of client invoicing. This solution is especially important because the regulations on commercial transactions in China can be difficult to navigate. FAPIAOS are a unique example, and it can prove useful to have them taken care of by specialists.

Renting office space in Shanghai

Renting an office within an open space is a good way to start business activities. This can offer your employees a first-rate infrastructure and the opportunity to develop a professional network of experts right from the start of your venture.

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