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You’ll be part of a global network of entrepreneurs and industry leaders from over 160 countries. INS Global offers comprehensive international employment solutions, facilitating global expansion for companies without complications or delays. Together, we can support local businesses in their transition to global market leadership.

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Review the Affiliate Terms of Service Agreement before applying.

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Upon approval of your request, you’ll receive a personalized URL to introduce your contacts to INS Global and our services, including Global Employer of Record and Recruitment.

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You will have access to a digital dashboard to keep track of the leads and clients you refer. We’ll also provide tips on how to refer to INS Global’s services through email, social media, and direct contacts.

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Get Paid: Every time a lead you refer pays for one of INS Global’s services, you will receive US$500 (or local equivalent).


Frequently Asked Questions

Once I've signed up, is there a minimum number of leads I need to refer to start earning?

No, how many leads you refer is entirely up to you and we’ll send you rewards for every successful lead you send. The INS Global Ambassador Programs allows you to offer more to your network without requiring any time commitments on your end.

Yes, upon payment for services by a client that you referred, we will contact you by email to inform you and obtain payment information for your US$500 (or local equivalent) reward.

As you have worked with INS Global in the past, you are likely familiar with our Global Employer of Record (EOR) and Global Recruitment Services. You can check out our website for more information about these core services, or explore our full range of global employment solutions and the advantages we offer to employers worldwide including recruitment, headhunting, payroll, benefits management, and more.
Basically, anyone who needs to find, hire, and pay an individual in the 160+ countries around the world supported by INS Global. We often work with the HR departments of companies and others at the C-suite level who need to hire people globally, whether that’s in a nearby country or halfway across the world.

We can hire people on a full-time or contractor basis, and we can also serve as the de facto employer of record for a company whether they have a legal presence in a country or not.


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