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Australian Wine in China: 5 Interesting Facts

Wine has been a dynamic and continually growing market in China, presenting numerous opportunities to foreign wineries. Wines from France have generally dominated the market and had been the preferred choice for Chinese consumers for many years. However, as the wine drinking population increased and more options became available, the tastes and preferences of consumers started to shift. Wines from Chile, Italy, Spain and especially Australia, have grown in popularity.

Chinese consumers have developed a taste for Australian wines in recent years, with China becoming the number 1 export destination for Australian wines. While domestic production of wine has decreased, importation of Australian wines has increased. Australian wines in China are doing so well that in 2019 they have surpassed French wines in the volume and value of importation.

Our latest insight takes a look at Australian wines in China and gives 5 interesting facts on how wines from down under do in the Middle Kingdom. Check out our infographic below:

Australian Wine in China: 5 Interesting Facts

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DATE August 14, 2020
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