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Business: looking to launch in China stress-free? Make it easy with INS Global

Launching a company in China is not easy. It is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the country’s laws and administrative subtleties. For this, it’s better to surround yourself with those in the know. This is where INS Global comes in, with over ten years of experience with foreign companies looking to successfully establish themselves in China.

INS: comprehensive knowledge of the market

Thanks to our expertise in human resources and knowledge of local laws, we help your transition into this new adventure to be as smooth as possible, as we can see in these videos.

In 2011, a Spanish company specialized in engineering services for the oil industry, decides to establish themselves in China. They hire five Chinese employees.

Problem: The business opens quickly and, looking to move as quickly as possible through the initial steps, they forget some local regulations as well as certain taxes to be paid.

At the same time, the employees discover that they do not qualify for health insurance nor income support, and that their work contracts do not conform to standards.

The unhappy employees, instead of speaking to the company, go directly to the Chinese government to report their illegal situation. The Spanish company, having just established itself in China, finds itself with a fine and just one month to resolve their situation with the Department of Labor, Social Security and Taxes.

As a consequence, the company’s production slows, the cost of the workforce triples, and governmental checks intensify, with 3 consecutive years of inspections. This is when the Spanish company decides to finally enlist the help of INS.

INS: a quality partner for successful implantation

INS Global managed to redress the situation after just three weeks of becoming involved. We helped our client in the management of Chinese regulations, and made sure that the inspections went smoothly. It is important to remember that in China the legislations change quickly. INS is familiar with and proficient at working with these structural evolutions, enabling it to fully support its clients. With its help, the Spanish company got through the difficult phase and has since even been able to hire 60 employees!

Let INS Global help you set up your business in China efficiently, effectively and concern-free.

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