Background of Free Trade Zones in China

The story of China’s economy since the start of reforms in 1978 has been characterized by reiterated cycles of controlled policy experimentation followed by adjustment.
Deng Xiaoping put it more eloquently when he … Read More

The changes in national and regional inflation rates are challenging foreign companies to make appropriate adjustments to their employee’s salary in order for them to be able to afford the same standard of living after a rising inflation rate. In 2016, Shanghai … Read More

Due to the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the number of foreign students wanting to do their internships in China are increasing. Another factor is the evident increase in living standards in China due to the western influence and globalization. Growing numbers of … Read More

The evolution of legislation and tax regulations in China and the features that exist at the local level is rapid, which involves keeping abreast of the latest laws in force. Here is a reminder of the fiscal environment in China regarding the taxation of expatriates:… Read More

The Urban vs Rural Disparity in China

The development of China’s territory is defined by a strong imbalance East/West or Urban/Rural. This phenomenon is explained by a strong internal migration of the Chinese population … Read More

The Cost of Labor in China
The Chinese economy has entered into a time of transition. The day of China being the “go to” market for cheap labor has come and gone. That doesn’t … Read More

Flourishing Property and Real Estate in China
The stock markets in China have increased by one percent this past week according to the Wall Street Journal. This is most likely due to the fact that investors are still enjoying … Read More

For the past two years, Uber had been engaged in a costly war against Didi Chuxing, a local competitor, for market share in China. After more than $2 billion in cash losses Uber threw in the towel and has agreed to sell its China business to Didi. In … Read More

The Chinese government is always making intense efforts to develop the economy and it seems, as 2016 is the year of consumer goods. Since the heavy industry and steel industry are facing serious cuts, there have to be new promising sectors to focus on. Therefore it is no … Read More

        1. What is the Value-Added Tax (VAT)?
If you are European or Japanese citizen, you will most likely be used to the so-called value-added tax (VAT). It’s a popular way of implementing a consumption tax in countries and differs from sales … Read More