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Company Incorporation in Japan

Company Incorporation in Japan

Give your business a truly a competitive advantage by establishing a company in Japan.

Why start a company in Japan?

Known for being at the forefront of innovation and experimental, futuristic technology, Japan presents considerable opportunities to Western businesses in a wide variety of sectors. As the world’s biggest producer of cars, the country is a particularly attractive option for those in the automotive industry, as well as retail, biotechnology and I.T. With the correct strategy and partner to work with, it’s possible for foreign businesses to reap the benefits of Japan’s thriving market.

Start your business in Japan : how we can help you ?

  • To have a legal entity in Japan, demonstrating a high degree of legitimacy to prospects and competitors on the market,
  • To get your company incorporated easily and compliantly in Japan,
  • To overcome barriers to certain industries imposed by Japanese regulations, allowing you to expand your business according to your own objectives,
  • To freely hire local staff to bring local knowledge to your company,
  • To develop business legally and in compliance with Japan’s regulations.

Why use INS Global to incorporate your company?

  • Simple process – Our goal is to follow the entire lifecycle of a project from definition, guidance, to the end result. 
  • Risk management – We continuously assess risk and unforeseeable project challenges, minimising damage to your business and expansion plans.
  • Peace of mind – To ensure feasibility, we work closely with the Japanese authorities to assess your project before making any type of commitment.

Post-incorporation support

The process of taking your company’s operations global can come with a steep learning curve. That’s why we offer post-incorporation services such as payroll and tax management to allow you to focus on your business operations in a new market.

Choose INS Global as a trusted, experienced partner to for your company incorporation needs. Since 2006, over 300 foreign companies have used our services to accelerate their expansion into the Asia-Pacific region. Benefit from our expertise and knowledge of the legal and business landscape in Japan to get your company up and running in record time. 

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