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PEO in El Salvador & Employer of Record

Hire Globally, Pay Locally, Expand Effortlessly

A global PEO in El Salvador allows companies to quickly, easily, and safely enter the local market and pursue opportunities as they arise.

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a form of global employment outsourcing. It enables companies to enter new markets by hiring and providing HR services for employees on their behalf without needing their own separate legal entity in El Salvador.

INS Global offers industry-leading PEO services in El Salvador to help you make the most of your global expansion opportunities in a way that best suits your needs.

PEO in El Salvador & Employer of Record - Summary

PEO in El Salvador & Employer of Record

How a PEO Partnership in El Salvador Benefits You

Be Compliant at All Times

Don’t leave any errors or mistakes to chance; allow a team of legal experts to manage all elements of complex local labor law.

Begin Operations at an Accelerated Pace

PEOs allow you to get started in El Salvador for a fraction of the time and costs it would take to set up a new company.

HR Functions Performed Professionally and Efficiently

PEO providers are experienced in providing services for all areas of HR to countries all over the world. There are teams of experts worldwide waiting to use their in-depth knowledge and expertise to meet your needs.

Get Started in the Market Immediately

A PEO can have you up and running in El Salvador with a strong local support system within a week.

Streamline all Required Functions Through a Single Platform

Allow your PEO partner to set up and manage all the distinctive elements of payroll, compliance assurance, tax management, and even hiring processes for you through a single point of contact.

How Can INS Global's PEO Solution Offer Advantages over Company Incorporation in El Salvador?

Company incorporation, the act of creating a new separate legal entity to perform business operations, can be a complex process, even in your own home country. Typically, this can take months of work, require large amounts of capital injection, and involve increased legal liability and responsibility.

Companies wishing to expand overseas often find these processes even harder in their target market because of language differences, currency conversion, and the unique challenges of hiring or managing workers in that country.

Fortunately, a PEO:

  • Reduces setup time by weeks or even months
  • Reduces the input required to manage processes
  • Reduces initial investment requirements
  • Reduces the likelihood of dangerous compliance mistakes
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testimonial from Manuel Ramos


Manuel Ramos


Managing Director

We think INS Global is a good solution about starting in a market like China. Understanding the market doesn’t mean you need to set up a company immediately. 


How INS Global Provides PEO Services in El Salvador

  1. The first step we take is to meet you and take the time to understand your requirements. Together, we can form a tailored strategy to meet your needs.
  2. We provide the El Salvadorian PEO structure that can be used to hire or transfer your employees to the country.
  3. After you provide basic payroll and employee details, we take care of the rest, ensuring continuous monthly functions.
  4. In El Salvador, just like at home, you and your staff can continue on schedule toward your company goals.

What is an EOR, and How Does it Differ From a PEO?

  • A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a third-party company that typically manages HR functions for the employees of other companies. In this case, an agreement contract is made directly with the client company.
  • An EOR (Employer of Record) is also a third-party company that offers employee outsourcing functions. However, an EOR legally hires the employee on behalf of the client company, thereby requiring a separate individual contract with the employee (as directed by the client).

The differences between these two options primarily depend on how you want the partnership to function.

INS Global provides both PEO and global EOR services in El Salvador, depending on your needs. By discussing your requirements with an INS Global advisor, we can determine and tailor a strategy that suits you best.

Get the Expertise of a Global Employer of Record

INS Global is an experienced provider of global PEO and EOR services in over 80 countries worldwide. We guarantee compliance, prompt monthly payroll services, and in-depth support and guidance throughout every step of the way.

Contact our team of global expansion experts today to learn more about what INS Global can do for you to help further your global expansion goals.

PEO in El Salvador & Employer of Record


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No, it is necessary to use a local entity abroad to comply with each country labor law.

Foreign companies can either set up a local entity in each country or use the services a local PEO (Professional Employment Organization) to hire the staff on-site directly.

The employer of record is the legal entity liable for the staff employed in a specific country. In practice, a foreign company can either open a subsidiary to become the employer of record of its abroad employees or use a PEO to act as the employer of record.

Liabilities may vary from country to country and include all the staff management responsibilities: labor contract issues, payroll management, and tax compliance, social security management, expenses claim declaration, hiring and termination
procedures, etc.

In general, 1-month is necessary to have an employee based out abroad using an existing PEO as the employe of record. When incorporating a new subsidiary to be the employer of record, the delay varies from 4-12 months.