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Do we really need social media to make business in China?

To launch a business, you need to consider many factors.

Recruitment in China is the Key, find good Staff.

Social Media is a new Chinese Eldorado, like Volkswagen which sells a lot of its car in China but it’s not so easy for every companies. The main problem is how to be visible on internet? More than 650 millions of Chinese people are connected every day and they spend almost 25 hours by week. Chinese are tech-savy. They are using their smartphone, their laptop or they tablet to be connected anywhere anytime. But if you want to come into Chinese market you have to be careful because Chinese websites don’t work as western websites, you have to adapt the content and the Seo. To introduce yourself to the more people possible, you have to be on these Social Medias. Being on these Social Medias will allow you without any doubt to be famous because everything is shared on these platforms, and Chinese people like to share their information with friends.


LinkedIn is a professional social media. It is a networking site, it’s allows its members to create business make connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients. It escapes at Chinese censorship. China sees through LinkedIn a lot of opportunities of development. It allows the country to stay connected to the world. Not so many strangers are present on Chinese social media so LinkedIn create a synergy between foreign and Chinese people. Besides, LinkedIn is an English websites, so it helps foreigner employer to find Chinese who speak both language. We count 3 millions of Chinese people on LinkedIn.


WeChat or微信in Chinese is an instant messaging application that is quickly becoming the most popular in the world. Indeed in the space of only 4 years, Tencent group with its flagship application reached nearly 600 million active users. WeChat offers a lot features like live chat, group chat, video call and even an online wallet features. This feature can replace your card at least in major Chinese cities. You can pay for your train tickets, plane, taxi, your subway subscription… and the ability to send money to your friends.

This application is transforming the market and purchasing behavior. WeChat is a wonderful tool for communication and marketing for brands in China. You can develop your online reputation, engage customers and organize sales…

It is a tool that can offer opportunities that go beyond your goals, yet we must learn to use it wisely and strategically. You should not only use WeChat as a way to sell your products. The application provides visual content and sharing tools. It is therefore important for a brand to create a qualitative content through its official account. This will increase the share ratio of your account in the different circles of friends who are following your account, which will have more impact on Chinese consumers as if it was you who had shared!


Weibo, the Chinese site, similar to Twitter, has now 198 million monthly active users according to the latest report of the company for the first quarter of 2015. It represents an increase of 11.2% compared to 175.7 million active users in the previous quarter. It corresponds to an increase of 38% compared to last year. Weibo reached 89 million users per day in March, up 34% compared to the same period in 2014. 86% of Weibo users access the site from their mobile phones. Mobile Internet users represent an increase of 57% compared to 2014.

Therefore, if you want to penetrate the Chinese market you have to be present on Weibo. If you want to succed on Weibo you have to make your Weibo page attractive to give a good impression and a good image of your company. You also have to optimize your content because the style of writing, pictures, relevant or fun content can affect your success. Too many promotional items can make your followers leave you.

What is fundamental here is the community talking about your brand. Besides that it is also important to post information at regular intervals. You do not need to be H24 on your weibo, you can schedule your posts to make your publication to appear when you want,

Last point is to Answer to comments. In order to create interaction with followers to make them continue to follow you, you have to answer.  If you have a lot of comments, it is difficult to answer them one by one, then you must respond selectively: accounts with influence, negative comments and questions.

To conclude we can say through social media campaign, companies are able to build their popularity and increase their brand awareness.

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