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Employment Solutions in the Netherlands

As a country with a competitive and stable economy, many businesses consider the Netherlands for their global expansion in the European market. Part of starting your company is recruiting people to help you achieve your business goals. Hiring international and local employees can increase the diversity and expand the knowledge pool of your company.


One of the biggest challenges in employing skilled people to and from the Netherlands is knowing the labor codes and employment conditions in the country. Find out how outsourcing your employee solutions lets you expedite the process of employing workers.


What is an employment solution?

An employment solution in the Netherlands provides a way for your international company to employ workers in the country even if you do not have an office there. It is a legal and compliant way to hire professionals to and from the Netherlands without having to establish and register a business in the country.


The traditional method of employing people from the Netherlands is as follows:

  • Incorporate a local entity and submit all registration requirements
  • Get immigration experts and lawyers to make sure you are compliant with national laws
  • Set up a local payroll system
  • Apply for work permits for employees


With an employee of record (EOR) in the Netherlands, they will handle everything, including payroll setup and talent administration. They are registered in the Netherlands as a legal company that can hire employees on your behalf as a client. You will still handle the management and oversee the job of the new hires.


Who needs an Employer of Record in the Netherlands?

Regardless of size, companies seek the service of an employment solution provider because of its convenience and compliance with local laws. Here are some situations when an employment solution in the Netherlands may be your best option:


  • Start-ups and small companies

The hiring process for international employees can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. If you have a small company with limited resources, you can avoid the time and expense of local incorporation in recruiting employees in the Netherlands if you partner with an EOR.


  • Global businesses

If you want to expand into the international market, you need to hire locals who are more familiar with the consumer environment in the Netherlands. If you do not have the time to register a branch in the country, an employer of record will let you skip this phase without breaking compliance with national regulations.


Benefits of outsourcing an employer of record

When hiring employees abroad, many companies opt for employment solutions because of their overall convenience and flexibility. You will see the noticeable difference between performing these functions internally compared to outsourcing an employer of record. Some of the benefits include:


  • Save time

Instead of reviewing hundreds of resumes, conducting numerous interviews, and performing background checks, you only have to review shortlisted candidates filtered by employment solutions providers.


  • Spend less

Running an in-house HR department is costly. Aside from that, doing the hiring process is complex and expensive. Outsourcing the hiring services of employment solutions is a more affordable option, especially if you are running a start-up or small business that needs to hire international employees in the Netherlands.


  • Avoid paperwork hassle

Dealing with the recruiting, employment, payroll, and benefits requirements of employees in the Netherlands is a lengthy process. Working with an employment solutions provider takes the burden of dealing with the paperwork, off your hands.


  • Comply with regulations

If you are unfamiliar with employment requirements in the Netherlands, you may experience various challenges in the employment process. Partnering with an employer of record makes sure you are compliant with all the laws and regulations stipulated in the Dutch Civil Code.


  • Get experts to do the job

Employment solutions specialize in finding you the best candidates for a position. They are trained and experienced in finding the appropriate resources in the most efficient way possible to help your company. You will also get to hire new employees faster and more effectively when you partner with an employer of record.


  • Be more flexible in hiring

Regardless of how many people you want to hire, using an outsourced partner like INS Global can handle the job without reducing the quality of the level of shortlisted candidates. Whether you want to employ less than ten people for your small company or you have to do mass hiring to fill several positions for your newly opened branch in the Netherlands, an employer of record can do the job within the needed time.


Hiring an employment solutions provider is the most practical and effective method for getting international talents. Your business can take advantage of the benefits discussed, giving you more time to focus on other company matters that need attention.


Why Partner with INS Global for your Employment Solutions

Outsourcing your employment solutions can help your business overcome several challenges regarding the time, resources, and efficiency of acquiring local and foreign talents in the Netherlands. This method is the most practical solution in comparison to doing it yourself. As an established global PEO, INS Global Consulting has broad experience in helping companies hire employees worldwide. Our other post-employment services include recruitment, payroll management, tax administration, contracts, and more. Get in touch with us today to learn more on how we can help you.


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