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Employment Solutions France

Often when a business is expanding to a new territory, they assume that they would have to set up their own entity, which is not only time consuming but can also bring a number of other challenges. While in the past expanding your business to a new territory may have been challenging, with INS Global’s employment solution, we are able to help you set up your business and begin operations in France, in a matter of days.


Who Needs Our Employment Solution?


If you have considered starting a business in France or expanding your business to France, then our employment solution can make this process simple. Whether you are looking to setup in France for research or commercial purposes, we are able to assist your business to setup fast and seamlessly.


What Does INS Global do?


As a Global Professional Employment Organization (PEO) we enable companies to enter a country, hire staff and begin operations, without the need of setting up a separate legal entity. We ensure your business is operating legally, while we take care of the HR and administrative part. Our team of HR consultants are able to provide you with advice and assistance on all HR related matter, allowing you to focus on growing your business in the region.


What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing this Function?


The use of a PEO is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and benefits that accrue to a business, which include:

  • No need for your business to establish a local entity.
  • Reduces the risk for your business as the PEO takes the administrative responsibilities.
  • Access to the expertise and resources of a large HR department.
  • Allows for increased focus on your business, as without the administrative challenges you can focus on the growth of your business.
  • It is a cost-effective means to enter a new territory.


How Does it Work?


When you partner with INS Global, we have a simple process that maximizes the time and efficiency for your business. Our process includes:


Step 1: initial consultation

Our HR consultants confirm the details of employment, ensure that the candidates are able to be employed legally and perform an eligibility check.


Step 2: Employment contract

An employment contract is then drafted, outlining the nature and terms of the agreement.


Step 3: Acceptance and onboarding

If the candidate accepts the terms, our team will then proceed with the onboarding process.


Step 4: Payroll administration

We will then process payment for the onboarded employees each month. Our payroll and tax experts ensure that the employees are paid in a timeous manner and that the relevant tax and social security deductions are made each month.


Partner with INS Global Today


Finding the right partner could be essential to the success of your expansion into a new country. With more than 14 years of experience in the HR industry, INS global is fully equipped to assist your business in its global expansion. Our processes offer a seamless entry into France, reducing the administrative burden from your enterprise. Get in touch with us today and let our highly experienced team assist your business in its expansion.

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