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Employment Solutions in Cambodia

If you have considered starting a business or taking your current operation to Cambodia, you should consider getting a partner to help make the transition as simple as possible. Human resources form a substantial part of any enterprise, and as such our employment solutions can offer the benefits of a large HR department at a percentage of the cost.

What does INS Global do?

As a serving PEO we enable companies to enter the Cambodian market in record time, without the need of setting up a costly entity. Our solution allows you to carry out your operations legally, while we take care of your HR and administrative needs. Our solution provides you with an entity through which you can carry out your business operations and hire staff, while we take care of your payroll and tax needs.

Why outsource employment solutions?

  • There is no need for you to establish a local entity
  • It lowers your risk, as your liability is limited and it is not as complicated to unwind as an independent entity would be
  • It is a cost effective means of expanding to Cambodia, as it may work out cheaper than establishing a separate legal entity
  • Access to high quality expertise and experts who have comprehensive knowledge of the Asian market
  • It allows for you to focus on the core business of the company

How does it work?

For example, if your company manufactures clothing and you want to start manufacturing in Cambodia, you can focus on manufacturing clothing and the business needs directly associated with that. While INS Global takes on the administrative part, ensuring that your business is operating legally in Cambodia, assisting you to find and hire staff, visa sponsorship (if necessary), as well as maintaining your payroll and tax payments.

Our experts ensure that within the payroll all relevant expenses are accounted for, such as taxes, bonus payments, social insurance, any allowances and company expenses. Our experts also provide you with access to all the relevant records of your company.

Post-employment in Cambodia

INS Global also provides assistance after the initial onboarding has taken place. Our post-employment services include:

  • Payroll and management of all expenses
  • Contract renewal – our experts will provide you with support during the contract renewal process and adjust contracts in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations
  • Contract termination negotiation – in the case of employees being dismissed INS Global ensures that the dismissal procedure remains compliant with local laws (this is highly recommended as it limits the liability of the business)

Let INS provide premium employment solutions to you

If your company is looking to expand to Cambodia, let INS Global assist you. As one of the most well established HR consultancies in Asia, we have a diverse portfolio of clients who have successfully entered the Asian market. Within our team we have experts across multiple disciplines within HR, that are able to assist you with any human resource query you may have. Let us help you expand your enterprise to the Asian market and take your company to the next level.

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