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Employment Solutions in Dubai


Flexible, compliant market-entry


Take your business to Dubai and your talent with you. As a serving PEO/EOR (Employer-of-Record), INS Global can help your business expand to Dubai and reap the benefits of its fast-growing economy without the need to set up a costly entity. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking to take your first steps into the Dubai market.


We manage the risk, you manage your business


As a serving Professional Employment Organization (PEO), INS Global hires your talent exclusively on your behalf. It’s a cost-effective way of entering the Dubai market and ensures your business remains compliant with the relevant UAE (United Arab Emirates) business and employment laws. In addition to managing your staff on our payroll, we also take care of other administrative tasks including the visa application and contract renewals. By choosing our employment solution, you can have peace of mind that your HR matters are being handled by a team already familiar with the HR landscape in the UAE and can therefore focus on your business operations.


Post-employment support in Dubai


Once your talent is hired and onboarded in Dubai, our services don’t stop there. We provide ongoing support including:

  • Payroll management – When your talent is employed by INS Global in Dubai, our team handle all payroll matters including tax contributions and other HR considerations, moving the administrative burden of expansion to Dubai from your shoulders to ours.
  • Expense and benefits management – We handle benefits and expenses paid to the employee on a monthly basis.
  • Contract termination and renewal – INS Global guides clients using its employment solution through the necessary steps for contract renewal and termination and adjust contracts in line with changes to UAE laws or regulations.


INS Global can help you in the Dubai market


We understand the complexities involved in entering new markets. If you are looking to expand to Dubai, partner with INS Global. As Asia’s leading HR and market-entry consulting company, we have helped over 300 companies to expand their global reach with our range of business solutions, allowing them to access new markets in days, not months. Contact our advisors today to use our employment solution as an efficient, low-risk way of entering the Dubai market today.

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