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Employment Solutions Thailand

When considering expanding your business, it is important to ensure that wherever you choose to expand to, you remain fully compliant with local regulations. If you are considering expanding your enterprise to Thailand, it may be important to have a local partner who can assist your enterprise to navigate the local administrative processes and challenges that may arise.

How Does It Work?

Our employment solutions in Thailand allow for enterprises to hire staff in Thailand, without the need of setting up a costly legal entity. INS Global’s employment solution further allows companies to reduce the administrative burden, usually attached to starting a business in a foreign country.

Our employment solutions can help your enterprise to hire staff, assist in contract negotiation, payroll administration and assist in handling other administrative procedures that may arise. Our experts also ensure that your company’s human resource practices are in accordance with local Thailand laws and regulations.

Why Do You Need Our Employment Solutions in Thailand?

Expanding to a new territory is challenging and requires a substantial amount of administration, especially when it comes to hiring staff. Whether you need to conduct research, carry out promotion activities or participate in commercial activities, it is essential to ensure that you hire the right staff and that your business is operating in accordance with local regulation. INS Global can assist your enterprise to hire staff in Thailand, without setting up your own separate legal entity.

Advantages of Using INS Global’s Employment Solution

There are various advantages your enterprise will get from using INS Global’s Thailand employment solution, such as:

  • Easy market entry – our flexible solution offers a low risk, efficient and easy access option to enter the Thai market, without the need to incorporate a local legal entity.
  • HR functions – using our solution provides your enterprise with access to a large HR department with considerable resources, for a much lower cost than having an internal HR department.
  • Focus on core business – Our experts will take care of the administrative challenges your business will face in the expansion, which allows you to focus on your core business and growing your brand in Thailand.

Post-Employment Solutions

INS Global not only assists with entry and recruitment (for more on our recruitment in Thailand click here) but also, we provide on-going post-employment support to continue to assist your enterprise in their operations in Thailand.  Our post-employment solutions include:

  • Payroll management – our team is able to administer the payroll of the staff you hire in Thailand. We calculate an employee’s salary, benefits, any adjustments that need to be considered and the reimbursement of expenses.
  • Contract renewal – our experts provide assistance during contract renewal negotiations with your employees. We provide support throughout the process and ensure the new contracts are compliant with current regulations.
  • Termination of employee – We provide assistance in termination negotiations, in the case of a dismissal of an employee. We ensure that the dismissal is compliant with local regulations, reducing risk for your enterprise.

Partner with INS Global Today

Here at INS Global, we fully understand the complexity involved when entering a new market. Our goal is to simplify your expansion into the Thailand market and reduce the administrative challenges your enterprise may face. As Asia’s leading HR consulting company, we have provided assistance to more than 300 companies in the region, simplifying their expansion, with our comprehensive range of business solutions. Contact us today and find out more about our fast, low-risk solution to entering Thailand.

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