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Employment Solutions UK


The United Kingdom (UK) is a highly appealing country for businesses looking to expand internationally. With a highly skilled talent pool, its status as a financial hub, and its ease of doing business, there are benefits to be had setting up a business in the UK. Yet, one of the greatest challenges faced by businesses looking to expand their operations overseas is becoming familiar with a country’s employment and tax regulations. As a leading global PEO, INS Global’s comprehensive employment solution can simplify your global expansion and expedite your hiring time in the UK to less than 48 hours.


We manage the risk, you manage your business


It’s a myth that you need to incorporate a company to expand and operate in a new market. Our Employment Solution allows you to enter the UK market in record time, without the need to establish an legal entity. We hire your staff exclusively on your behalf in the UK, using our existing structure. As INS Global is the Employer of Record for your staff in the UK, we assume responsibility of your employee, taking into account payroll, HR and tax so you can have peace of mind employing in the UK while you retain control of your workforce and their day-to-day responsibilities. 


How does it work?


When you partner with us to employ in the United Kingdom, INS Global hires your talent exclusively on your behalf. We deliver our employment solution by carrying out the following steps:


Step 1: Initial consultation and eligibility check

Our team confirm employment arrangements for your project and verify that the employee is eligible to be hired in the United Kingdom. An employment contract is drafted outlining the terms and nature of our agreement.


Step 2: Acceptance and onboarding of candidate

Once accepted, our team register the employee at the local labor and tax bureau, handle visa sponsorship and processing (if necessary), and confirm all documents are submitted to the UK authorities.


Step 3: Monthly payroll management

We process payroll on a monthly basis, ensuring that items such as income tax and social security are deducted and remitted to the relevant authorities. As the Employer of Record, INS Global takes on full employer responsibility and manages all employment related issues including hiring, payroll, taxes, expense reimbursement and contract renewal and termination, to name a few.


Advantages of using our Employment Solution in the UK


  • Streamlined expansion – Our simple, hassle-free approach means that we invoice you every month for our services including your employee’s salary, benefits and expense reimbursement.
  • Flexible, easy market-entry – Our solution allows you to entire the UK market in record time, without the need to setup a costly local entity. 
  • Increased focus on your business – INS Global’s team of specialists take care of employment formalities, you are able to focus on your core business goals in the UK. 


INS Global Employment Solution: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What industries do you have expertise in? Are you open to all sectors? Companies of all sizes in a diverse range of industries (including f&b, legal, pharmaceuticals) have used our employment solution to simplify their expansion into the British market. 
  2. How many employees can I hire through INS Global? You can use our employment solution to hire one employee to an entire department. 
  3. Does my staff need an office space in the UK? In the UK, work from home is permitted so your talent does not need to be based in an office.
  4. I want to expand to the UK but don’t have a candidate. Can you recruit for us? INS Global has an in-house recruitment team to source and hire candidates in a wide variety of industries and locations.


Grow your business in the UK with INS Global


Managing HR and payroll in a new country can be a challenge for businesses looking to go global. Streamline your international expansion today with INS Global’s UK employment solution. As a global PEO, INS Global can assist your company in simplifying its expansion to the UK market. Contact our advisors today to talk about your project. 


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