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Employment Solutions in Vietnam

If you are you thinking of expanding your business to Vietnam, our employment solutions can be customized to further your objectives. Our experts in Vietnam can assist you in removing the various administrative challenges involved in global expansion. At INS Global, we are dedicated to providing our clients with services tailored to their needs, in order to allow them to reach and exceed their objectives.

Employment Solutions Vietnam

There are many challenges that arise when employing staff in another country. It can be costly, time consuming and pose a high-risk if the proper procedures are not followed. Our comprehensive range of services allow for you to set up and maintain your workforce without the usual administrative complexities.

Our employment solutions include:

  • Local Presence – we have an entity already set up through which your business can immediately begin operations.  
  • Employment contract negotiations – we can provide support in the negotiations between employer and employee.

Post-employment solutions

INS Global also offers an array of post-employment services, as an inclusive solution to continue assisting your business after onboarding has taken place.

Our post-employment services in Vietnam include:

  • Termination negotiation – this involves negotiations with employees who are being dismissed and ensures the dismissal is compliant with local laws and regulation. It is advised to have support in cases of dismissal in order to ensure your business remains compliant as well as to limit the liability of the business.
  • Contract renewal – support is provided during the contract renewal process of an employee. INS Global’s experts will guide you through the procedure and adjust contracts in accordance with law or regulation.
  • Payroll – this ensures that your employees are paid on time and the requisite taxes are paid. Our comprehensive payroll also provides for the calculation of social insurance, allowances, 13th month bonus and expenses.

Why outsource employment in Vietnam?

Outsourcing employment can be beneficial in many ways including:

  • Reduction in costs – the cost of having a large or all-inclusive human resource department may greatly outweigh the cost of outsourcing it;
  • Increase HR effectiveness – whether it be recruitment, setting up payroll or ensuring your practices remain compliant with regulation; a service which specializes in this will be more effective;
  • Focus on core business – depending on the size of the internal HR department of your company their capabilities may be limited. Even for companies with larger HR departments, they often outsource certain functions as it allows them to focus more on their core business; and
  • Access to high quality expertise and procedures – human resource consultancies are equipped with the access to special resources, tools and technology. Furthermore, they are dedicated to maintaining a high degree of expertise and knowledge in HR matters. 

Taking all this into consideration; businesses, especially those entering new territories should consider outsourcing all or part of their employment functions, for improved performance and an enhanced competitive advantage.

Choose INS Global for your Employment Solutions

When expanding into a new territory, it is important to choose the right partner to assist you. INS Global has vast experience spanning an array of industries in the Vietnamese market. Our experts strive to provide value to our clients by fully engaging with them, in order to understand their specific needs. Our objective is to work with our clients towards a shared goal. Contact us today to learn more.

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