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Employment Services Hong Kong

What do we offer?

INS Global offers an Employer of Record services in Hong Kong. We collaborate with foreign businesses with or without Hong Kong based companies in order to employ their staff on-site via our employment organization, simplifying hiring and termination procedures, payroll and tax compliance in China, as well as all local benefits and expenses administration.

Besides advising on how to set up a payroll structure for Hong Kong based employees, we further help our clients to navigate through complicated negotiations regarding their local staff contracts, and handle administrative work procedures including possible contract renewals or termination.

What you should know about our Employment Service?

  • No need to establish a local entity
  • Cost-effective way to expand in Hong Kong
  • Low risk and investment
  • HR & administrative procedures managed by local experts
  • Enables companies to focus 100% on its core activity

What Does Our Employment Service Include?

Our mission is to ease your employees’ management

China Market Entry Methods Comparaison

Because setting up a company isn’t always the best choice

Post-Employment Responsibilities : ensure the future of your company and employees

Contract renewal

INS will guide its clients through all necessary steps and furthermore will adjust new contracts to possible changes in laws or regulations that may have occurred (number of renewals allowed, seniority benefits calculations, etc.).

Termination negotiation

It is strongly advised to have support in case of conflicts regarding the termination of contracts. In case termination issues in connection with severance pay occur, INS will guide its clients transparently throughout the process.

How to proceed ?

  • HIRE a representative
  • DEFINE the mission & contract
  • SIGN the contract
  • ON-BOARD and administrative procedures
  • DEVELOP your business
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