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INS simplifies your expansion into Singapore by handling the complexities of staffing your local organization. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), INS acts on your behalf to hire and employee local professionals.

What do we offer?

INS Global offers a comprehensive array of employment solutions to facilitate the start and growth of your operations in Singapore. Employees are the life-blood of an organization and critical to business success. As such, we aim to play a critical role in helping you get this part of your global expansion right. We help clients take care of payroll structure, negotiation of contracts, and other administrative HR procedures necessitated by the client’s business situation.

By outsourcing payroll and HR Management to INS, we give you the opportunity to focus on your core business, while we handle the administrative and legal nuances of operating in Singapore.

Employment services in Singapore: features

# No need to establish a local entity
# Cost-effective way to expand in Singapore
# Low risk and investment
# Enables companies to focus 100% on their core activities
# HR & administrative procedures managed by local experts

What Does Our Employment Services Include?

Our mission is to ease your employees’ management !

Post-employment responsibilities : handling the future for your employees

Contract renewal

INS will handle all necessary steps of the contract renewal process and ensure that all new contracts fully comply with new and existing Singaporean employment legislation.

Termination negociation

Without the use of local legal expertise, termination of employment contracts can be costly, lengthy, and onerous.  INS draws on its expertise of Singaporean employment law to reduce these risks for clients.

INS Global Employment Services in Singapore

How to Proceed

  • 1HIRE a representative
  • 2DEFINE the mission & contract
  • 3SIGN the contract
  • 4ON-BOARD and administrative procedures
  • 5DEVELOP your business

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