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Employment Solutions Spain

Growing your company and expanding into a new territory has many challenges and concerns. From how to setup and operate legally all the way through to finding staff, expansion is no easy task. However, with INS Global’s employment solution your business can be up and running in Spain, in a matter of days, without the usual headache involved in a company setup.


How to Start a Business in Spain


Once you have formulated your idea and figured out how it will work operationally in the Spanish market, our consultants are able to assist you with all the administrative issues you may face. Depending on the industry you wish to enter, we ensure that you have the correct vehicle that allows you to operate your business legally without the need to setup a separate entity, which is time consuming and can be costly.


Our process

Once you get in contact with us our consultants guide you through the entire process. Our process involves:

  • Obtaining information – in this stage they ask you a number of questions to obtain the necessary information to determine the next step.
  • Needs analysis – our consultants then look at your business and based on a number of factors (like size and industry), determine the correct vehicle needed for your business.
  • Confirmation – once you have selected to proceed with our service, our consultants will then provide the assistance you need to register and begin operations in Spain.


Who Needs our Employment Solution


Due to the stability and flexibility offered, there are many different businesses that use our solutions, such as:

  • Small to medium enterprises – our employment solution is ideal for small to medium business looking for a flexible solution to enter the Spanish market.
  • Large businesses – ideal for large companies who wish to deploy a limited number of employees to the region.
  • Businesses wanting to conduct research – offers a great deal of flexibility to companies who wish to conduct market research in the region.
  • Businesses wanting to carry out sales – if you do not intend to have an office, but instead want to have sales or business development representatives in Spain.

The type of solution is determined according to the needs of your business, the size of the operation, the industry it is in, and the period in which you wish to remain operational in the region.


What are the Benefits of Using Our Solution


With more and more businesses coming into operation each year, the use of such solutions is increasing in popularity. More businesses are becoming aware of the advantages of such solutions, which include:

  • Negating the necessity for you to setup a separate legal entity in Spain.
  • Fast and easy access to the local market.
  • Access to the expertise of a large HR department.
  • It is a cost effective and time-saving way of entering the market.
  • It reduces the liability and risk of your business, as INS Global bears the administrative burden.


Additional Services


INS Global does not only assist with the market entry, but also has a number of other solutions that can be useful to your enterprise, these include:

  • Recruitment – whether your enterprise is looking to use our initial search function or full recruitment solution, our recruitment team can provide you with the support you need. (Find out more about recruitment in Spain here).
  • Onboarding – once you have found the candidate you wish to employ, our staff will assist with the entire onboarding process.
  • Payroll management – our finance team manages the monthly payroll for the employees your business has hired in Spain. They ensure that all necessary calculations including salary adjustments, benefits, expenses, reimbursements, and any other necessary adjustments are made.
  • Contract negotiations – whether your employees or looking to renew their employment contract or you wish to terminate the employment relationship, our experts offer assistance throughout the process and ensure that all actions remain in compliance with local regulations. This limits both the risk and liability for your enterprise.


INS Global in Spain


Having the right partner in Spain could determine the success of your business when entering the market. As an experienced HR solutions firm who has been in operation for more than 15 years, INS Global is well equipped to help your business overcome the administrative challenges of entering Spain. Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of local regulations and processes, ensuring high quality service delivery. Speak to one of our consultants today and let us help you to simplify your business in Spain.


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