How Does it Work?

INS provides a comprehensive array of employment services, enabling you to smoothly staff your operation in Taiwan. We can help you to set up payroll, negotiate employment contracts, handle administrative procedures, and more depending on the staffing needs of your organization in Taiwan. INS uses its legal expertise to ensure that your local company’s human resource practices follow local laws and regulations. This is often where foreign businesses find themselves in trouble.

By utilizing the comprehensive, transparent, and seasoned employment solutions provided by INS, clients are able to focus on their core business and put their best foot forward as they enter Taiwan, ensuring their greatest chances of success.


  • No need to establish a local entity

  • Cost-effective way to expand in Taiwan
  • Low risk and investment

  • Enables companies to focus 100% on its core activity

  • HR & administrative procedures managed by local experts

What Does Our Employment Solution Include?

Our Mission is to Ease the Management of Your Local Employees

Post-Employment Responsibilities

Ensure the future of your company and employees

How to Proceed

Our dynamic procedure will allow your business to add new team members at any time



A Representative



 The Mission & Contract



The Contract



and Administrative Procedures



Your Business


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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a local entity is not required, as employment services are already using a compliant local “Employer of Record” company.

Yes, employment solution is possible for both local national and expatriate staff.

Staff can be home-based depending on their scope of activity, while the employer must always be aware of their residential address and direct contact information.

Staff can be employed in any city in order to have their employment status abiding by the local labor regulations.

Staff already on-site can be hired in record time depending on their actual professional situation, while a new immigration procedure lasts approximately 1-month prior arrival to the work location.

The employer of record is responsible for both the hiring and termination procedures, while informing the client of all costs involved at all time.

The standard procedure requires the employer of record to respect a minimum 1-month notice period prior termination, while the economic compensation is in general 1-month salary per year worked.

The employer of record is responsible at all time of all payroll compliance and necessary tax declarations to the local government authorities.

The employer of record is legally liable during all the staff employment duration.

Yes, your HR will keep it ‘inactive’ while your Employer of Record will provide you a local labor contract.