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BPO de Recursos Humanos en España – PEO

Spain boasts a open and competitive economy in Europe, making it an attractive destination for foreign investment, especially in the fields of automotive, retail, medical and pharmaceutical and food and beverage. At INS Global, we offer a comprehensive suite of corporate solutions designed to simplify doing business in Spain. Our PEO solution allows you to fast-track your expansion, allowing you to hire in as little as 48 hours.


Hire in Spain with a PEO

A common way to hire workers in Spain is to establish one of the many entity types or partnerships that are available to foreign investors, such as a Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Limitada, S.L.) However, opting for company incorporation can have drawbacks as it is often a time-consuming process and involves injecting substantial capital. This is not ideal if you want to test the Spanish market or wish to hire straight away. 


Fortunately, for businesses who are looking for a low-risk, cost-effective route to entering the Spanish market, it is possible to hire using a Professional Employment Organization (PEO), such as INS Global. We hire your talent exclusively on your behalf, becoming their employer of record. Your employees remain under the control of your company while we process their payroll on a monthly basis, taking into account bonuses, expenses, tax and social security deductions and visa sponsorship (if necessary).


Advantages of using a PEO in Spain

  • Recruit the best talent in the world – As the only Global PEO with an in-house recruitment department, INS Global can source the talent for your expansion and hire them through our local entity.
  • Compliance with local labor law – With our PEO solution, there’s no need to familiarize yourself with the complexities of Spanish labor law. Our experts keep your business fully compliant.
  • Time and cost savings – Your expansion to the Spanish market is expedited to as little as 48 hours and allows you to expand to Spain at a fraction of the cost of setting up an entity for hiring purposes. A PEO can also be used as an intermediary option, pre-incorporation.


Post-employment support

Once we’ve hired your talent on your behalf, we continue to support you with your project in Spain. Our solution includes:

  • Monthly payroll management – We process monthly payroll in Spain, issuing payslips to your employees.
  • Contact renewal and termination – We handle your employees’ contract renewals and terminations, ensuring that processes are in line with local labor law.
  • Single point of contact – As your partner in Spain, your expansion is streamlined to one single contact. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to support you every step of the way.


FAQ: PEO and Employer of Record in Spain

Do I need to setup a Spanish company to hire staff in Spain? No, you do not need to setup a Spanish company, joint venture or subsidiary to hire staff in Spain. Through INS Global’s PEO solution, we will hire your staff on your behalf, taking care of all the administrative work involved in setting up in a new country.

How do I manage my employee’s payroll? Whether they are full time employees or contractors, you’ll be able to view your employee’s data through our secure payroll management software.

How long does it take to hire and onboard in employees? Employees can be onboarded in as little as 48 hours, much quicker than establishing a Spanish entity or subsidiary.

How much does a Spain PEO solution cost? We offer customized expansion solutions in Spain. Please contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Can I expand to other countries around the world too? Yes, our coverage is global meaning you can easily hire staff in multiple locations and territories through one partner.


INS Global: Your PEO in Spain

Without a firm grasp of Spanish laws and business practices, expanding business may face the possibility of delayed entry, rising costs and non-compliance costs. A trusted global partner can assist your company with its expansion to Spain and help ensure a smooth setup. With our local expertise and global coverage, INS Global can help your business succeed in its expansion to the Spanish market. Whether you’re looking to recruit, hire staff or establish a company in Spain, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can assist your venture in Spain.