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How to find a good headhunter in China?

Small and medium-sized foreign companies in China usually use the services of headhunting companies for their recruitment, in most cases, it is a wise choice. How do these companies choose the headhunting company who will help them in their recruitment? How do they maximize the effectiveness of these headhunter companies in order to find the best possible candidates?

What is a good headhunting company?

A good headhunter is usually specialized in one industry. Although, he must know his sector. So, choose a headhunter in your area and also one who has already as customers companies like yours. This proves that the headhunter understands your company and its particularities.

It must show a genuine desire to create a real relationship with your company. It is important to choose a headhunter who is interested in your business and understand your needs. Each company has different features; a good headhunter should take the time to understand your company before he starts looking for candidates.

He must have a good knowledge of the labor market and a good network, in order to find candidates who match your needs quickly. You can check the reliability of a company by asking its customers or former customers for example.

A good headhunter should be transparent; it must not withhold information about the candidates, it must inform you of the progress of his research and be able to talk freely about candidates that he has contacted.

For this, he must be able to create a real relationship with the candidates. A good headhunter creates a real relationship with the candidate, in order to understand and know him better. In short, candidates are not just numbers. When a headhunter tells you about the candidates with whom he discussed, you can quickly know if it tried to create a real relationship with them. To know a candidate is both understand what motivates him and if he matches with your company.

Finally, a good headhunting company should be professional, so you can save time and must take initiatives that will help you find the best candidate, so that he can be hired by your company.

How to maximize the effectiveness of a headhunting company?

Once you have found a serious headhunter, you have to give him all the cards so that he can find serious candidates as soon as possible. This is a team effort, your company must help the headhunter to maximize his effectiveness.

For this, it is important that you have the desire to create a real relationship with your headhunter to define the profile of the candidate together. You have to consider his advices. Headhunters have a good knowledge of the job market, they can advise and guide you into finding a candidate. It is important to adjust with your headhunter the profile of the ideal candidate, in order not to lose time searching for candidates hard to find or who do not match with your company.

For this reason, it is easier to use only one headhunter, and focus your energy giving him all the information necessary to find the best candidates. If you decide to use different firms to find a candidate, you may lose time informing various firms and also you may not give all the information required for each firm.

Finally, it is also important to be transparent and not to keep information. The more information you give to the headhunter, the more he will understand your business and clearly define the candidate that your company needs.

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