According to the China Wine Market, as of February 2017, there are 48 million “wine lovers” in China. This is mainly due to the significant western influence in the … Read More

China’s Healthy Glow
China’s middle class is becoming richer and more health-conscious. This, coupled with recent food scandals regarding domestic food products, means that Chinese consumers are now more willing than ever to splurge on foreign imports and healthy foods. Consumers are also searching for other ways to lead … Read More

From November 11th to 13th, several major events will be held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center.
Throughout these three days, you have the opportunity to visit the ProWine Forum, the Tea & Coffee Forum,  as well as  the Energy Show.
Here is an overview of what awaits you at … Read More

Here are some tips for choosing the right distribution channels and not fail your implantation in China by choosing the wrong partners.
Western products are famous in China for their quality and the quality of service that accompanies them. It is important to ensure that the product … Read More

China has banned all imports of U.S. poultry, poultry products and eggs amid recent reports of highly pathogenic strains of avian influenza found in the Pacific Northwest, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Monday.
All poultry and poultry related products shipped from the United States after Jan. … Read More

Beijing is now the largest trading partner of the continent. Despite the countless rumors about its methods and intentions, the reality is more different than the one we usually see.
If the Chinese presence in Africa … Read More

China is already the largest market for exports from Australia in 2013, it bought almost a third of Australian assets, up to $ 101 billion (70.4 billion euros). This will be especially true after the free trade agreement on which Canberra and Beijing agreed Monday, November 17th, after … Read More

Insecurity felt by Chinese consumers due to food scandals pushes them to consume imported products. The rise of the middle class, very interested in foreign products, is also a factor that benefits foreign food brands in the Chinese market.
Many food scandals
China has experienced and … Read More

The bakery market in China is growing rapidly. What are the forecasts of the future development? How should we approach this market?

A Booming Market
According to Ubifrance, the Chinese have 92 opportunities to consume bread over a year against more than 400 in Western Europe. … Read More

The Chinese market is not very homogeneous. Keep in mind that China is huge; consumption habits are different across regions, ethnic groups, etc. However, these consumption habits tend to be the same in large cities and in the new Chinese middle class. Although Chinese is gradually going though … Read More