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Global PEO Company

Take your business global and your talent with you. Hire employees abroad in record time with our PEO/EOR solution, ideal for businesses wishing to expand globally.

What is a PEO?

Established in 2006, INS Global offers expert, tailored global PEO services to foreign companies seeking to expand their operations around the world.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is the act of outsourcing the employer-employee relationship to a third party. It is used notably in cases of hiring abroad because a company cannot legally recruit or provide a visa for an employee in a foreign country. The employer/employee relationship therefore becomes one of employer – PEO company – employee.

Under this structure, there are three parties involved:

  • The employee, who carries out services for the client company;
  • The client company, to whom the employee brings their expertise on a project/projects;
  • The Professional Employer Organization company (INS Global), who invoices the client company and pays the employee a salary.

To define the terms of the relationship between the different parties, the international PEO company signs a work contract with the employee, as well as a service provision contract with the client company.

Why use a PEO as part of your international expansion strategy?

A PEO allows businesses to expand into international markets without the need to set up a legal entity, which can be costly, such as a subsidiary. As well as the benefit of in-country presence, foreign companies may seek collaboration with PEO providers for other reasons: 

  • Expert knowledge of the country
  • Payroll and tax outsourcing
  • Compliancy consulting
  • Social security benefits
  • Visa application assistance and sponsorship

PEO providers such as INS Global also offer support with these factors making it a flexible, cost-effective option for businesses wishing to expand or test new markets. 

What is the difference between PEO, Employer of Record and Umbrella Company?

You may have come across these different terms in the context of international expansion and employment, but they all refer to the same concept: the outsourcing of payroll and HR services to a local provider. When a foreign company wishes to hire abroad and use PEO services, the PEO becomes the Employer of Record (EOR) taking on the client company’s staff onto their payroll.

International PEO/EOR providers offer a combination of local expertise and management of administrative aspects such as employment contracts, visa assistance and payroll. The end result is a compliant global expansion where employees can enjoy in-country presence, a major factor for a successful international expansion. This makes it an ideal option since businesses can manage their employees’ tasks while outsourcing the administrative burden to the PEO.

Our Employment Solution

As a serving Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR), INS Global offers comprehensive Employment Solutions to take your staff global in record time. Whether you’re ready for your next stage of expansion or just want to conduct some market research, our international PEO services can help your business reach new heights.


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