/How to sell quality products in China in B to B?

How to sell quality products in China in B to B?

French producers wishing to enter the Chinese market do not always know what steps to take to sell their products in China. The high quality products market, including imported food, is rising quickly. French producers are looking for importers or distributors to sell their products in B to B. To find these importers, an umbrella company appears to be an effective solution.

The demand of quality products is increasing in the Chinese market.

 AgroalimentaireFollowing several food scandals, Chinese consumers wish to consume better quality products, mostly imported . A real market for quality products is now open in China. It is in the interest of small European producers who sell local and high quality traditional products, to try their luck in the Chinese market and conquer those consumers who wish to consume better.
Food security is a real concern for Chinese consumers; they are looking for safe and healthy products. UBIFRANCE found for example that in urban centres, there is a very high demand for groceries and fresh quality products. There is also a growing demand in the secondary cities for fine quality goods and imported wares. French producers are still not very present when dealing with Chinese importers.

French products have a good reputation among Chinese consumers. French producers of top of the line products have therefore a big part to play in this market.

Facilitate the process by using the services of a umbrella company.

Why use the services of an umbrella company to sell quality products in B to B?

The goal of a French producer is to find importers and resellers who will offer its products to Chinese customers. French producer sell in Business to Business. In this case, it is recommended to use the services of an umbrella company.

Indeed, the creation of a structure in the Chinese market is very complex and time consuming. The purpose of a producer wishing to sell in Business to Business is to find importers. Having a salesperson in an umbrella company on the Chinese territory appears to be the best solution. This also avoids having to create a structure. A producer of quality products or products “made in France” will then not need to create a structure in the Chinese market.
The umbrella company takes care of all the paperwork for hiring a salesman in China. It will take care of the visa application, the payment of his salary, the payment of taxes and insurance, etc. The salesperson can then focus on finding importers who will start to import quality products once contracts are signed.

The umbrella company therefore facilitates the administrative part or the settlement on the Chinese market and lightens the workload of the salesman, since he will not be overwhelmed with paperwork.

Subcontracting and going through an umbrella company brings other advantages: saving time, money and avoiding penalties. When a foreign company does not know the rules in China, it can easily get involuntarily in an illegal situation. A serious umbrella company will avoid this situation.

Why choose INS Consulting?

INS Global Consulting enables clients to:

  • Recruit qualified and competent salesmen who will work full time for the foreign company’s mission
  • Legally get a work visa for salesmen
  • Pay the salesmen’s wages, that is to say, they are hired locally
  • Insure the salesmen
  • Declare taxes

INS has been serving customers for 8 years. It is now a leading umbrella company with the highest amount of expatriates in China, with more than 200 consultants. It provides its customers with a serious and rigorous team that manages projects in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. Prices are competitive and allow Western small and medium companies to enter the Chinese market. It is not necessary to be a big business to sale in China. The INS Global Consulting team will accompany you and allow your salespersons to focus on their core tasks.

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