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How to start business in Cambodia

Cambodia is now entering the next stage of classic industrial mode as the economy grew tremendously in the garment sector, construction, agriculture as well as tourism.

Cambodia : a new business opportunity

Cambodia is slowly becoming more business-friendly and is now offering a range of opportunities for any professionals willing to tap into a developing market. Business opportunities within the country are getting more attention in the recent years and the government is slowly trying to help the country attract more foreign investments.

Starting a business in Cambodia: how can INS help?

The INS Team will put his expertise at your service and assist you in avoiding the challenges that would be involved in being fully compliant with the government regarding the paperwork required. INS will assist you in every step of the way and guide you from A to Z through the process.

Cambodia: what can INS offer?

  1. Visa outsourcing for both foreigners and locals
  2. Payroll service
  3. Recruitment services


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