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How to start a business in China

We assist foreign enterprises in starting and developing their business in China. From market entry stages to expansion and business development strategies.

The China Market : A One-Shot Opportunity

When foreign investors and companies try their luck abroad, the Chinese market offers an uncountable number of opportunities. However, in order to successfully set up a business in China, it is crucial to proceed correctly according to the regulations and rules. Failure to do so can lead to many difficulties and issues in the company’s future, leading to the possibility of an eventual failure in China. Therefore it is recommended to carefully consider the different options when entering the Mainland. There are many types of legal entities, each with advantages and limitations, necessitating careful consideration in accordance with the needs of your business.

Our solutions are tailor-made for any size of business

Hire an unlimited number of employees in China
without establishing a local structure.


Our employment solutions


Define a professional profile
and INS will find the best candidate matching your needs.


Our recruitment solutions


Outsource the tax calculations
and submissions of your employees.


Our payroll & tax solutions


Create a local structure
to start your business in China.


Our company incoporation services


Invoice your clients from China or abroad (fapiao);
or pay your Chinese suppliers.


Our invoicing solutions


Rent a desk in our open-space office
based in the heart of Shanghai.


Our office rental services



Our guides cover the distinct types of local structures, China's labor law and fiscal environment.

China Labor Law

Payroll China

PEO China

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