Set Up a Business in China


hen trying their luck abroad, the Chinese market definitely offers an uncountable number of opportunities, however in order to successfully set up a business in China it is crucial to proceed correctly as the regulations and rules require. On the contrary, many difficulties and issues may arise in a company’s future activities leading to a possible total failure in China. That’s why it is recommendable to consider carefully the different options when entering the Mainland. There are many types of legal entities, each with advantages but also limitations.
Below all the possibilities available to you:

Labor Dispatch

A cost-effective way for you to enter the Chinese market that minimizes risks and provides the quickest market entry.

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Sales Office

The sales office is a physical entity used for business purposes, managed by company’s representatives.

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Representative Office

A sales office is a physical entity used for business purposes, managed by your company’s representatives.

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A Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise is a company with 100% foreign capital. Without commercial restrictions, you are able to freely operate in China.

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Joint Venture

A legal entity formed by two or more partners that mutually cooperate for a company’s integrity and success.

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Based in China since 2006. INS grants you its expertise in the administrative procedures management, accounting and tax declarations.


INS is your company’s subsidiary in China. By handling all the back office tasks and paperwork related to your relocation to China.

Flexibility & Adaptation

Our services are flexible and adaptable to your needs. They can be taken together or individually as required by the situation.


We have the best and most competitive solutions for every business size. Our rates are among the most affordable on the market.

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