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How to start business in South Korea

South Korea, also known as the Asian Dragon, is one of the most important global economic powers. Its main business is geared towards a fast-evolving regulatory environment.

Business environment in South Korea

Regulatory efficiency, market openness and the South Korean government’s willingness to embrace foreign investment make doing business in South Korea a wise choice. Regulations are becoming much more lenient and post registration procedures for anyone hoping to enter the Korean market has now been abolished. There has never been a better time to launch your business in South Korea.

Business opportunities in South Korea: how can INS Global help?

It is important to have local knowledge of the market in order to ensure you setup your business smoothly. The country is described as following a forward-thinking governmental policy and anyone willing to tap into this flourishing market must be correctly informed.  INS Global has local knowledge of the market and experts will provide you with all the key information to familiarize yourself with the South Korean business culture.

South Korea: what can INS Global offer?

Thanks to our local partners and experts, we will be able to offer the following services :

  1. Visa outsourcing for both foreigners and locals
  2. Payroll service
  3. Recruitment services


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