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How to start business in Thailand

Thailand is not only the world’s 50th largest country but is also a country which is in continuous economic progress thanks to its favorable infrastructure and profitable business opportunities.

Thailand: a business opportunity

Thailand has a unique and complex business culture which can offer plenty of profitable opportunities in the industrial, service sector as well as import export.

Indeed, its unprecedented economic growth over the years has been attracting a growing number of investors and therefore the market is becoming more competitive.

Starting a business in Thailand can be quite time consuming and expensive, especially when you want to ensure you meet the authorities’ requirements. The Thai government would also limit you in terms of in the number of foreign employees being hired, which might complicate the business process.

Starting a business in Thailand: how can INS Global help?

As an International HR outsourcing provider, we have the expertise to simplify your expansion by managing the administrative processes involved in international expansion including employment solutions and payroll.

We relieve you from the legal and administrative burden that might prevent you from fully focusing on your business, and help you to successfully tap into the Thai market. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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