Grow your Workforce
Without Risks

Hiring international contractors to provide key skills and services for your company.

You need to ensure that you can quickly hire and manage your contractors efficiently while minimizing any potential risk.


According to the US IRS, an independent contractor is an individual who maintains control over most of the key aspects of their own work.
This means that if usually an employer enters into an independent contractor agreement, they may only control the result of the contractor’s work and not the time or manner in which it is done. Independent contractors allow businesses an added level of flexibility and ski

How It Works


Select the Candidate

You can select a candidate or let our recruitment expert do it for you

We Onboard Your Team

We hire all employees in full compliance with the local laws- no need for local entity

We manage complaince

We manage HR, payroll, taxes, benefits, and employment compliance

You grow your business

With a global team in place, you grow your market presence throughout the world

5 Advantages of Global Payroll Outsourcing Services

Assured Legal Compliance

Our labor experts work to keep you compliant with every part of labor and employment law in the countries where you operate. Top-quality legal knowledge reduces risks inherent with the misidentification of contractor services in new markets.

Reduced Cost and Time

Professional hiring and onboarding services ensure your contractors are retained as long as you need them, and any potential challenges are dealt with quickly and efficiently

Focus on Company Growth

By providing payroll outsourcing, recruitment, headhunting, and contractor management services, a PEO takes care of the HR process required for your entry into a new market while you can concentrate on successful growth

Top-Quality Talent Pools

Whatever your industry, INS Global can provide you with contractors with the skills and expertise you need and then take care of every aspect of the hiring and management process.

One Platform for everything

Our HR Platform covers every aspect of HR services though one point of contract