What is a Sales Office?
Utilizing a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) and opening a Sales Office when entering the Chinese market is one of the methods that is gaining more and more popularity from foreign companies. Whether the business is … Read More

As a foreign enterprise, there are multiple ways to enter the Chinese market. Some of the most common solutions include establishing Sales Offices, Joint Ventures, WOFEs (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises), or Representative Offices. Since each and every company has its own objectives, interests, and needs, it … Read More

The Differences between a Representative Offices and a Sales Offices in China

When a foreign company is contemplating to enter the Chinese market and expand its business, there are a number of solutions available. Some of the most common solutions include Sales Offices, WOFEs (… Read More

Which Market Entry Method Fits Better Your China Business?
When entering the Chinese market it is essential to fully understand the different establishment possibilities. Below we compare two of them: Labor Dispatch and WOFE.
Labor dispatch is a market entry method utilized by foreign companies that lack … Read More