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Interview Consultant
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Aymeric Dehont

This week, INS decided to interview a consultant working within the Wine and Spirit industry, in China.
We asked him to share his experience within the Middle Kingdom and to give some advices to anyone willing to try his luck down here!

  • Presentation

– Hello Aymeric, thank you for receiving us.
Could you introduce yourself in a few words for those who do not know you yet?
My name is Aymeric, I am French and have been living in Shanghai since 1 year and half.
I was born in the north of France, but studied in Rouen for 4 years, and 1 year of specialization in Wine Business in Dijon. During those 5 years I also lived in Chile, Vancouver Canada and Vietnam.

-I heard you are practicing Chinese? Tell us more about the practice of this language.

I started 1 year ago to learn Chinese, starting from 0! I am practicing 3 to 4 hours per week with a Chinese teacher and try to practice a lot by myself during my free time.
I am also training to pass HSK level 3 within 1 or 2 months.

  • Your company

– Tell us about your company, its location, its business in China?

I am here working for a French family company owner of 5 estates in Armagnac, Chateau de Laubade, and wines, Chateau Haut Selve, Chateau Loumelat, Chateau Le Bonnat and Chateau Peyros.

It a small company (PME) based in Bordeaux, with 2 area manager in New York and Shanghai.
We have been working in China since many years now selling our Armagnac and wines to sole importers that distribute in all provinces in China.

  • Working in China

– Why did you choose China? Please tell us about the attraction of this country, its seductive power, its location, etc …

I chose China because of the business opportunity I had and the excitement of discovering a country totally unfamiliar to me.
Also I wanted to challenge myself by going in a country with high difference of culture and standards.
I know China is a gateway to a good international business career.

– How did your company managed to send you to China, considering the administrative and legal difficulties foreigners encounter when trying to work in the Middle Kingdom?

By INS Global Consulting that was found by my previous colleague here in Shanghai. They took care of everything for my visa, my office in Shanghai and all administrative procedures that were mandatory due to my arrival.

– Can you mention the main issues you faced upon your arrival in this country?I experienced many actually: the difference of language, the difference of culture, the difficulty to find a great and cheap place to live. Also understanding this huge city is a tough challenge at some points.

– What advice would you give to all the young entrepreneurs eager to try their luck in the Middle Kingdom?

Go for it if you want a real challenge in your personal life and in your career.

Be relax, be strong, always think that here any people you meet can bring you strong opportunities.

– Would you like to share with us about your experience in working with Chinese people; any details about the way of doing business with them.

You have sometimes some difficulties to get information, and to understand how to act with them.

I saw you were interviewed by a Chinese Newspaper!

yes it was a great Honor for me to be approached by this newspaper and to be able to represent the Brand I am working for!
Awesome experience as you can see!

  • The future

– How do you see your future in China? Any projects (going in another country, expanding in other cities, etc…)?

At the moment I really want to go further in learning Mandarin.
My main goal now is to perform my mission in the enterprise I work for.

Do you think China will continue to attract many entrepreneurs?Yes, expansion is still under way with GO WEST policy and the new big hub project Jin Jin Ji (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei provinces to join together).

-Thank you for your answers!

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