Interview of a Digital Marketing Expert in China
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This week, INS came back to ask some questions to Oliver Vérot, about the Digital Marketing in China.

Hello Olivier, as the creator of the famous blog marketing-Chine, as well as a pioneering French entrepreneur in China; could you tell us more about your website, sharing some data about it?

Hello, my blog is about my 2 passions “marketing & China”. In my website, you can find a new perspective about: luxury, tourism, food & beverages, fashion, internet in China …

marketing there are about 2000 visitors per day at average, It ranks first on the blog list about “China”, and in the Top 10  on the list of top blogs about  “Marketing”. my English website attracts nowadays 1 500 visitors per day, and provides our readers content in the same style, but more for people who are interesting in the China market and the marketing solutions. it is our new “Baby”, our Chinese website aims to give information about Marketing for Chinese people and help them Market their products in Occident

You have recently started an agency providing Digital services, like SEO on Baidu what are the main differences between Baidu and Google in terms of SEO?

Yes, I’ve founded an agency, based on the knowledge about Chinese internet and how it can help foreign companies to develop themselves… And we provide services such as SEO for Baidu and SEM, e-reputation, community management, PR…

Gap between Google and Baidu is simply huge… It is not the same calculation and way of thinking…

Here are some differences between SEO on Baidu and Google:

  • Baidu only recognizes Chinese websites
  • Your website has to be hosted in China; otherwise you will face an unstable ranking
  • Baidu censors a lot of keywords, and collaborates closely with Chinese government, so some words you have to avoid such as pornographic contents as well
  • Baidu has his own websites like Baidu Zhidao (Q&A), Baidu Tieba (forum), Baidu Baike (like Wikipedia) and always puts them first in the rankings, so it is important to be present on these websites
  • Content will be different: Baidu likes the repetition of keywords
  • Baidu likes big websites with many pages but a flat structure. On Google, if a small website has original content, it can also be ranked quite high, not on Baidu
  • Update on Baidu is very important

Could you give us some examples of French companies working with china that you helped with their seo?

I will give you 2 examples:

Aiguemarine We get Top rank on Baidu with the keywords France luxury travel, Italy luxury travel or Europe Luxury Travel. With this Top position, our customer can always get qualified quotations per week. Nowadays, the main turnover of this travelling agency comes from Internet,  and it is more profitable because the agency deals directly with the customer and avoid the Chinese partners cost, which can accounts for about 50% of the total travel fees.

Result of keywords “欧洲高端旅游” European luxury travel

The second One is CMF, a company designing and manufacturing rolling machines and automated welding equipment. We get Good positions on and Baidu and get 10 quotations per month from Chinese professional buyers. Most of the Chinese Buyers in industrial field are not experts and ask quotations to many suppliers founded online.

Which sectors is the most promising for French in terms of SEO in China? Could you give some examples?

According to our customer’s feedback, Tourism is the number one sector, after everything about Food and beverage, luxury & fashion and Cosmetics.

All these services and products are related to the French life style.

What are for you the top 3 success stories of French entrepreneurs in China?

Sebastien Lathuile : “Sebastien l’artisan floral”. A French Entrepreneur specialized in high level of decoration. This entrepreneur is successful because he can make money, and develop his business quite well, but mainly because he employs deaf workers. He is really convinced that people who have this kind of problems have developed good eyes.

Thibault Villet: founder of Glamour sales. He is selling in China a lot of products, with the flash sale business model. He really focuses on Luxury Private sales and is one of the most successful French entrepreneurs in China.

Gildas Olivier: Founder of ODC Marine. This entrepreneur has created with 2 partners a company based in Dalian, which is specialized in yacht manufacturing. Nowadays, his team has developed an ecological boat, made of aluminum and green carburant. 

Thank you for your time and your answers.

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