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Invoicing Solutions: 3 reasons to choose INS Global

Outsourcing the payroll and tax is a great strategy for foreign companies as it can save time and ensures they focus on core business activities, removing the need for a dedicated internal term. Moreover, you have complete peace of mind knowing that your business is compliant with Chinese tax regulations

INS offer an individual tax declaration service to relieve your business from the administrative and accounting work required to be compliant with China’s accounting standards. 

A solution adapted to all business sizes

INS Global provide tailor-made payroll and tax solutions in China, adapted to all business sizes. Hundreds of foreign employees working in China use INS for their payroll management and tax declarations.

A trustworthy and transparent service allows companies to focus on their core business activities

INS Global’s service includes registration at the corresponding Chinese tax bureau and monthly contribution calculations and submissions for each employee. We cover such services so that you can concentrate your resources and efforts on your business activities, putting major HR administration concerns to one side yet remaining in control of all staff management.

Benefit from the strong relationship between INS Global and the local fiscal authorities

INS was created in 2006 and since then we have forged strong relationships with the local authorities. You can benefit from our knowledge and expertise of Chinese regulations and procedures, saving time and avoiding potential sanctions for failing to respect fiscal laws. INS remain continuously informed of the latest changes to Chinese fiscal regulations and guidelines.

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DATE September 30, 2019
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