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Malaysia Company Registration

Looking to start a company in Malaysia? INS Global can help your company establish the most suitable legal entity in Malaysia, taking into account your in-country strategy and long-term development goals. Our expertise as Asia’s leading corporate services provider allows us to carry out Malaysia company registration efficiently, reliably and in full compliance with local laws. In this guide, we’ll cover the most common forms of entities available for registration in Malaysia.

Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd)

This is the most common type of Malaysian entity available to individuals wishing to take advantage of the country’s business landscape. Sdh Bhd companies are typically small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and are limited by shares meaning that they are classed as a separate legal entity from its shareholders.

The company must have between two and 50 shareholders, with directors having a primary residence in Malaysia. Shareholders can be foreign but the company secretary and directors should have primary residence in Malaysia. 

Public Limited Company (Berhad)

A Public Limited Company is able to offer its shares to the public. Bhd companies are typically large corporations in Malaysia and are required to disclose their financial statements to the public. A Bhd company must have a minimum of two shareholders with no upper limit.

Foreign created companies

It is possible for a foreigner to have 100% of a company in Malaysia, with no Malaysian nationals part of the corporation. In order to have complete foreign ownership, the company must fall into a specific industry as dictated by the government. These industries include:

  • Education
  • Petroleum, Oil and Gas
  • Banking and Finance
  • Tourism Outbound and Ticketing
  • Agriculture

The Malaysia Company Registration Process

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) is the governing body which oversees the registration of all companies in Malaysia. The process is fairly straightforward and involves submitting an application with supporting documents. INS Global can prepare and submit documents to the SSM on your behalf, simplifying the process and reducing the time it takes to incorporate your Malaysia company.

PEO: An Alternative to Malaysia Company Registration

In addition to providing a Malaysia Company Registration service, INS Global can also hire your staff locally through our PEO service. We manage everything from the hiring process, visas, payroll, social security contributions and compliance, negating the need for you to set up a local entity for the sole purpose of hiring staff.

INS Global: Support for your growth in Malaysia

At INS Global, we understand the complexities involved in setting up your company in a new country. As Asia’s leading corporate service provider, our team takes care of the entire process from start to finish, fulfilling all compliance requirements and regulations involved in the process. Get in touch our consultants today to learn more.

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