1. Doing Business in China

Doing business in China is something that every enterprise would like to enjoy due to its large range of opportunities. However when it comes to practice it is more complex than what it initially looks like. Limitations, regulations and restrictions found in China make this nation quite challenging for foreign enterprises, and a well administration is required in order to find success.

2. Local Administrative Support

We are a dynamic company serving its customers since 2006. Our mission is to help companies and delegates wishing to be established in China by transforming their business vision into reality. INS provides assistance with regard to complex administrative procedures and staff management. Our labor dispatch services for companies lacking a local structure in China, enables them to freely operate their commercial activities. Without being limited by the need to have a legal structure, and benefiting from the time and money investment involved when establishing one of these.
Once your business has expanded to approximately 10-15 delegates in China, we recommend opening a WFOE, INS will assist you during the complex establishment procedures involved.

3. Payroll and Human Resources Administration

Our labor dispatch solution is based on managing all our client’s legal and administrative procedures such as contractual issues, payment of salaries and allowances, expense management, and taxation. Foreign companies’ representatives are delegated to INS in order to achieve a healthy working environment, we ensure that both the global perspective and local knowledge are integrated to create a holistic solution for our clients. We relieve your company from any direct contractual relationship which means the contract will be between INS and the consultant. With a legal status, the consultant is placed under INS administration and supervision and will be represented legally by us.

By choosing INS:

– A cost-effective solution to enter the Chinese market
– 100% guarantee and security for payment of salaries
– The recognition of a group consisting of many consultants and experts
– The lowest management fees in the market
– The professional expense management at no extra cost

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