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China has recently announced the removal of the PU letter, or entry invitation, for many foreigners looking for work or business visas in China.
Organizing US green cards for Chinese employees can be complicated but necessary process for companies seeking Chinese talent.
Since China’s corruption crackdown began, the authorities have caught a number of foreign companies engaging in corrupt practices.
The Chinese economy has entered into a time of transition. The day of China being the “go to” market for cheap labor has come and gone.
Western media outlets have zeroed in on the Chinese shadow banking sector and its rapid growth in recent years.
Our inhouse workspace rental solutions provide a focused environment for you to make it big in this rapidly developing city. Learn how INS Global can help you.
Since China became the "world's factory" upon its entry into the WTO in 2001, economic growth in the country has amazed the world. What's the goal of MIC 2025?
Singapore announced the 2022 budget aims to bring Singapore into the post-COVID world. It includes a lot of increases to social services.
Establishing a WFOE in China gives you access to the market without a local investor. A PEO might help, do you know why?