How to Start a Business in Dubai | INS Global

How to start a business in Dubai

How to start a business in Dubai

July 20, 2022


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Key Takeaways

  1. Dubai ranks highly in terms of digital services
  2. The UAE in general also ranks highly in comparisons of overworked labor markets
  3. Opening a company in Dubai typically requires local support or partnership

The United Arab of Emirates is a consistently evolving market offering exciting opportunities for those who are willing to tap into a new market.


Dubai: A Business Hub


Dubai is specifically the largest city in the country and is also known for being a business hub and global city of the Middle East. The city consistently offers high levels of growth and many international companies have made the choice to settle in Dubai in order to enjoy the amazing advantages of this emerging market.

The city also offers some travel opportunities which enables professionals to easily visit potential business partners and attend meeting in foreign countries. Foreign trades and investments are indeed highly encouraged thanks to the Free Zone agreement.


Company Types for Doing Business in Dubai


Alongside UAE commercial law, the Company Act (2015) regulates most of the structures and activities that companies can perform in Dubai.

One of its major effects on foreign companies is the requirement for a local national to act as a partner or majority shareholder. This is a requirement when forming any onshore company outside of a free trade zone. Fortunately, Dubai has the most free trade zones in the region.

The Department for Economic Development allows for 3 license types that a business must choose between when opening a company. These are commercial, industrial, or professional.


Opportunities in Dubai: How Can INS Global Help?


Wondering how to go about relocating to Dubai and applying for a working visa? No need to worry, INS Team of experts will handle it for you and take the trouble out of your hands by ensuring to make the process smoother. No matter what your requirements are, INS commits to respond in a timely manner in order to enable you to complete your relocation process.


business in dubai


Dubai: What Can INS Global Offer?


  1. Visa outsourcing for both foreigners and locals
  2. Payroll service
  3. PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and EOR (Employer of Record) solutions

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