How to Start a Business in Malaysia | INS Global

How to start business in Malaysia

How to start business in Malaysia

July 20, 2022


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Key Takeaways

  1. As a key player in SE-Asia, Malaysia is perfectly placed to be a center of commerce.
  2. With a strong legal system and a love of foreign investment, you are protected in thee long-term.
  3. A PEO services provider can removes many of the steps and hassle of global expansion.

Over the last 60 years, Malaysia has developed and become one of the most attractive regional hubs for services within South East Asia. When wanting to explore your next business idea, it can help to be aware of the options available for expansion such as international payroll services. This article discusses the benefits of doing business in Malaysia and how INS can help your global expansion.

South-East Asia, one of the major geographic areas driving the increase of the global GDP, has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. Malaysia is a member of ASEAN, the third-largest economic bloc in the world and an international group that fosters collaboration among 10 nations.


Why start a business in Malaysia?


Malaysia is an upper middle income country which has adopted a very open economy towards foreign investments. Major sub-sectors within services include: finance, real estate and business services; wholesale and retail trade.

One of the best in South-East Asia, Malaysia’s political environment offers businesses the stability needed for long-term success. Business structures are well protected, with global employers benefit from aa legal system based originally on Britain’s.

The administration strongly supports business. Additionally, the country permits foreign nationals to establish businesses with 100% foreign ownership and has a highly developed banking system. The excellent infrastructure of Malaysia is developed to support the nation’s enterprises. Due to the great infrastructure for air, land, and marine freight, it is simple to convey commodities.

The country has a strong connection with its neighbors because of its highway system, which connects it to Thailand in the north and Singapore at the peninsula’s tip. Your ability to provide products or services will be greatly improved by a country passionate about growing in the long-term.

Foreigners will also find it easy to converse with locals because of the extensive use of the English language among the population due to the nation’s effective educational system. This can be a big help especially when attempting to work through local or state income taxes as everything can be done in English.

The difficult and drawn-out process of forming a business in Malaysia requires creating a legal and physical presence. Your company can operate thanks to our PEO without going through the typically required steps to form a separate organization.


How to do business in Malaysia: how can INS Global help?


A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can act as your HR outsourcing service in every country you wish to expand to by providing essential HR functions without the need for you to have a separate legal entity in each country.

Our PEO in Malaysia offers:

  • Payroll calculation and processing
  • Paystub creation
  • Social security contribution withholding, tax management, and regulatory compliance

However, if you wish to start your own business, INS also offers services designed to streamline the opening procedure.

Being able to operate safely in Malaysia means knowing the local labor regulations. The primary body of law in Malaysia governing labor issues is the Employment Act of 1955.The minimum terms and conditions for relevant employees are provided under the Employment Act.

Any contract that tries to provide benefits that are less favorable than those outlined in the Employment Act shall be void, and the benefits specified in the Employment Act shall be provided instead.

Additionally, we can oversee every step of the payroll procedure for Malaysia from a single point of contact. More importantly, it guarantees that your services are instantly updated to reflect any pertinent changes to local regulations, saving you from possible penalties or costs.

So, with this service, you can confidently pay employees in Malaysia in the local currency or take advantage of our global payroll service to have your pay and benefits administration performed in any country you operate in. Our global payroll solutions are designed to work in multiple countries, meaning you’ll have a number of options.

The most difficult and lengthy steps in the payroll process may be completed for you by using global payroll outsourcing. An outsourced service provider like INS Global makes sure that your Malaysian employees are paid according to local laws.


Malaysia and independent contractors


At the same time, hiring independent contractors in Malaysia can be a way to make the most of the country’s talent pool without the hassles of being an employer. Additionally, with a number of employee benefits expected by full-time employees, hiring independent contractors can be a way to remain efficient for shorter projects.

Because of the potential advantages, a variety of services from INS Global are available to help you find and manage contractors in Malaysia. Our international independent contractor management services may assist you in locating the top international talent and in overseeing all facet of their work.

These solutions include contract creation, invoice generation, and salary payments. You gain from the talents while avoiding the associated headaches in this way.


business in Malaysia


Malaysia: what can INS Global offer?


INS Global offers expert global expansion solutions to businesses of all sizes looking to pursue opportunities in Malaysia. Our staff are experienced and ready to meet all your requirements in a way that suits your specific company.

Your personnel will always be confident in their security thanks to INS Global’s comprehensive 24/7 compliance assistance. We will guide you through pre tax and post tax requirements in Malaysia, with everything spelled out clearly via a paycheck calculator.

For over 15 years INS has been the key advantage for hundreds of companies wishing to grow quickly, simply, and without fear of unfamiliar local rules and regulations.

Furthermore, with our industry tools and systems, your employees are well served wherever they are, with employee data protected at all times. As a company based worldwide ourselves, we are perfectly placed to assist and guide other companies in achieving their international goals.

So, whether you need an expert eye for local talent recruitment, or experienced compliance assurance assistance, INS Global has the services you need to succeed.


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