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How to start business in Indonesia

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Key Takeaways

Indonesia is proudly ranked within the most attractive Asian countries, and the rapidly increasing spending power has rapidly created great business opportunities. It’s a good idea to know the lay of the land and the relevant company processes required when you start business in Indonesia.

Indonesia: an attractive Asian countries

Indonesia has its own unique cultural traits and business system that has shapes the country’s reputation and success around the world. Indonesia’s foreign investments are presently booming and it is THE ideal time to take the opportunity in launching a new business in the country.

Conduct a business in Indonesia: how can INS help?

Indonesia is not the easiest place to conduct a business and the major obstacles of doing business in the country refers in obtaining the necessary work permits and license. Thanks to our experience and network within the country, we are able to offer you additional guidance and support in settling in the country.

Indonesia: what can INS offer?

  1. Visa outsourcing for both foreigners and locals
  2. Payroll service
  3. Recruitment service

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