A Global Employer's Guide to Talent Acquisition Platforms

A Global Employer's Guide to Talent Acquisition Platforms

A Global Employer's Guide to Talent Acquisition Platforms

January 26, 2023


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Picture of INS Global



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Key Takeaways

  1. Software allows you to find talent that aligns best with your company values and vision, ensures long-term stability, and reduces turnover
  2. The best types of software merge recruitment seamlessly with your other HR systems
  3. Talent acquisition strategy solutions connect you with the best global talent through innovative online hiring


When looking to hire new employees, improving how you find and select the right applicants ensures you will grow correctly. An effective talent acquisition strategy means having a well-prepared process for targeting, selecting and hiring new talent. It also means utilizing talent acquisition platforms as efficiently as possible to reduce the workload of your Human Resources staff.

These strategies require using specific platforms and software systems designed to draw together the best qualified candidates from the global talent pool. Here, we discuss some of the most popular talent acquisition strategy tools available in 2023 and also the benefits they offer.


How Can Talent Acquisition Software Help Your Business?


The right talent acquisition software gives you access to the best in global talent pools. It expands your network, improves your job descriptions, and boosts the efficiency of your current resources.

The best types of software also merge recruitment seamlessly with your other HR systems and help to improve different functions within your business by targeting quality recruitment.

This software allows you to find talent that aligns best with your company values and vision, ensures long-term stability, and reduces turnover. As a result, satisfying these employees early on decreases the time spent on recruitment and training.


Why Talent Acquisition Strategies are Important


Having suitable systems and strategies in place at all times means you are always ready to grow. When opportunities arise in the global market, quick reaction times are necessary for taking advantage of the situation.

A solid strategy for selecting, hiring, and onboarding talent can mean that even when expanding rapidly, you can guarantee quality hires.


What are the Main Applicant Tracking Systems Used by Companies in 2023?   


These talent acquisition platforms present a dynamic mix of functionality and diversity. Leading CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) computer systems allow for a streamlined and enhanced recruitment process.

However, without the proper training and experience, these computer programs may be too complex for individual companies to use on a regular basis.




A recruiting CRM with the ability for users to easily manage multiple recruitment drives or clients at once. Specifically tailored for recruitment agencies and head-hunters, Manatal provides a multitude of functions built to attract recruitment professionals.


Recruit CRM


A CRM that offers a lot in terms of detailed reports and long-term information gathering. Recruit CRM is handy for teams interested in judging the efficiency of recruitment methods and staff.




A tool with the most possibility for integration with large-scale recruitment platforms like LinkedIn. Much more user-friendly compared to the other options on this list, Bullhorn may be the best option for companies wishing to take a more direct approach.

These types of application or software are built by software developers based on operating systems designed for use by industry professionals. They’re best used by outsourcing providers who can utilize them to attract top talent for your benefit in the most productive way.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Talent Acquisition Software




1.      Increased Efficiency


Innovative tech-driven services offer a modern improvement on traditional recruitment methods. Using talent acquisition platforms as the primary approach, or even as part of a hybrid online/offline method, can reduce the process and save time.  


2.      Improved Organizational Abilities


Digital storage and organizational systems offer the best way to store, screen, and save prospective candidates. With the right design, you’ll always have the details of everyone you screen or interview. It also makes it much easier to reassess in the future if necessary.  


3.      A Simplified Process for Both Company and Candidates


By having an online stream to monitor, both recruiter and candidate can follow the process as it continues. The resulting enhanced clarity reduces the chance of mistakes, and candidates will feel more personally supported.




1.      The Greater Chance for Technical Complications


While offering enhanced strategies is beneficial in the long term, this kind of software can be technical and often means an increased frequency of human error in the beginning. The learning curve can be tough to overcome, and furthermore you might end up wasting time if the initial integration is not done well.  


2.      Not Always Allowing for Human Qualities


A tech-driven solution like this means improved screening and selection on a scientific basis. However, it doesn’t typically incorporate the same human instincts that often make the best recruitment agents. 


3.      Requires New Skills and Experience


A software solution can be a way to improve the skill set of your current HR employees. However, it requires appropriate investment in training and potentially hiring new staff with the right experience to make it work for you.              


Outsource Your Global Talent Acquisition with INS Global


INS Global offers the experience and expertise that comes with over 15 years of helping companies reach their global expansion potential. Our PEO, EOR, and recruitment outsourcing services provide quick and practical ways to expand and pay your overseas workers. Because of top-quality systems this can be done securely wherever they might be.

Through our professional services, you can remain compliant with all aspects of labor and payroll regulations through our all-in-one overseas solutions. We also constantly monitor for changes to local laws and keep you on top of any new regulations as necessary.

Furthermore, our talent acquisition strategy solutions connect you with the best global talent through innovative hiring systems. We utilize the best available software and offline procedures to bring you a wide variety of international talent, all with no additional effort on your part.

Finally, with our global recruitment experts, you don’t have to manage everything by yourself. We handle every step of the search and hiring process from day one to onboarding and beyond.


talent acquisition platforms


How does Our Talent Acquisition Process Work?




First, we match you with one of our global recruitment experts. They will work with your HR department to identify individuals that easily fit into your company’s culture and recruitment strategy. This satisfies the particular criteria of each vacancy you’re looking to fill.

We recognize the importance of matching your personnel to your employer brand, and take that fully into account at every step.




After our qualified consultants thoroughly comprehend your company’s requirements, we develop potential candidate mapping and selection criteria via both talent acquisition systems and offline networks. Next, we provide you with a list of applicants screened and chosen from our local and online talent pools.




Once we’ve assisted you in locating the ideal applicant, we’ll collaborate with you to develop the perfect job offer. A clear offer ensures the new hires begin their professional relationships on good terms. This kind of positive start helps to assure future success.

Your INS Global consultant will be available to you at every stage of the hiring process to offer advice on any crucial choices you need to make. Furthermore, once you are ready to hire, we provide a range of other long-term solutions to boost your overseas management efficiency.


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