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The Great Resignation in Canada

The Great Resignation in Canada

June 14, 2022


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Key Takeaways

  1. Individuals in Canada have been walking out on their employers for many reasons
  2. According to a 2022 Bank of Canada report, 19.3% of respondents intended to leave their job over the following 12 months
  3. The current situation should prompt HR managers to restructure their organizations and employer-employee relationships

There has been a change in work culture since the beginning of the economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a lot of media coverage of stories of individuals abandoning their jobs. Many professionals are also now choosing to change their occupations as part of a larger rethinking of what is fundamental and essential to their well-being.

Individuals have walked out on their employers for many reasons. It could be in frustration at the absence of work-life balance, low wages, a lack of benefits, or even a lack of acknowledgment and gratitude. Experts have labeled this worldwide phenomenon the Great Resignation.


The Great Resignation Arrives in Canada – 2022


Canadian businesses predicted the ending of pandemic work limitations and a return to office soon. However, it appears likely that they will instead have to plan for a new relationship with their workers.

Up to the beginning of this year, Canada has not experienced the Great Resignation in the same way as America. But now, what led to a remarkable number of Americans abandoning their work seems to now be in motion north of the border.


Why Is the Great Resignation Happening Now?


Many economies worldwide are beginning to make full recoveries following the pandemic. That being said, the spread of the Great Resignation is only now beginning in Canada. To look at why that is, we should consider the types of employees that are resigning.

Most of those who resigned from their positions willingly belong to the following two categories:


Frontline Service Employees


During the pandemic, they were considered crucial to continuing economic growth in the presence of pandemic restrictions. However, according to these employees, the traditional employment relationship was very negatively affected by their roles during the epidemic.

The Additional stress and hardship of the pandemic reignited a feeling that these workers deserve better conditions. This is regarding the treatment they receive from their employers as well as clients.


Remote Professionals


The work-from-home experience has diminished the degree to which many people place their employment at the core of their existence.

Over the last two years, workers demonstrated they can be just as valuable while working outside the office. As a result, many dislike going back to the office and are quitting instead.

Numerous Americans are relocating from big metropolitan areas to the outskirts without a local legal entity. The pandemic gave them a taste of working from home, and now employees favor companies offering hybrid or remote working arrangements.


Is The Great Resignation Real?


According to a 2022 Bank of Canada report, 19.3% of respondents intended to leave their job over the following 12 months. The same statistic was 17.9% in the quarter preceding the outbreak.

The bank emphasized this indicates a restrained desire for change in an expanding industry. However, they also stressed that a desire to change jobs does not mean that all of these people will do.

Leaders of key global organizations are rethinking how their firms operate. They are reviewing how to develop their work culture culture and evaluate their company principals.

Meanwhile, employees across the world consider their future, the reason behind their work, and what they wish to accomplish.

Many hope that some of these employees will stay in their current jobs by employers making positive changes.


How Long Will the Great Resignation Last?


It is difficult to determine when the Great Resignation is expected to end. Depending on inflation, people may be confronted with a market contraction that erodes job applicants’ benefits.

The increased cost of living will undoubtedly also force job seekers to accept a job soon.

Job applicants may not have the same luxury to choose their future work on their own. However, the pandemic has shown a newly outspoken aspect in that matter.

Labor leaders are attempting to engage with employers more transparently. It is hoped by many activists that these groups will be more willing to take part in discussions that are less one-sided.


How To Avoid ‘The Great Resignation’ At Your Company


Whenever a significant number of employees is ready to resign from their jobs, they will normally look for other opportunities rather than abandoning the workforce. Many of these individuals are searching for guidance and a reshaping of their jobs.

This is where a forward-thinking employer can find peace of mind in the current situation. They can do this by offering greater benefits. More than this, companies can see it as a call to be more flexible and rethink the way they relate to its employees.

The current situation prompts HR managers to restructure their organizations and relationships. Now, many workers place tremendous attention on work-life balance.

Perhaps you are rethinking the way your company can offer streamlined and efficient employment functions? In this case, a global employment service provider can help to hire employees and increase your effectiveness. These companies offer in-depth knowledge of local labour markets to boost your efficiency worldwide. Better employment functions also creates security that lowers your resignation rate.

The most important component when working with a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or global Employer of Record (EOR) is the beneficial framework they offer. EOR service providers offer advantages attractive to job seekers that might be otherwise inaccessible. For instance, compliance security, health insurance, training programs, and other benefits.


great resignation in canada


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