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Nov 19, 2014

Launching your business in China, the right questions to ask.

Many entrepreneurs wish to enter this market of one billion three hundred thousand inhabitants. Before you take action, you have to be able to answer some key questions. Some of these questions wit

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Nov 17, 2014

China and the USA: Clean Air for tomorrow?

The two biggest polluters of the planet agreed, Wednesday, November 12th, on goals to achieve to fight against global warming. China, a country that produces the most polluting gases, has set the g

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Nov 14, 2014

The New Chinese Exit-Entry Law

On June 30th 2012, the Chinese legislature adopted a new Law of the People’s Republic of China on Exit-Entry Administration (“the New Law”). It replaces the PRC Law on Administrat

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Nov 13, 2014

Organize a business trip in China

A trip to China to win contracts, meet potential distributors and manufacturers, has to be prepared in advance. When a contractor wants to do business in China, no room should be left to improvise.

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Nov 11, 2014

Sustainable development in China: a worthwhile market

China is often seen at first as a latecomer in terms of sustainable development. It is certainly the biggest polluter, but it is also one that has established a very ambitious development strategy

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Nov 10, 2014

The Bakery Market in China, a Winning Bet

The bakery market in China is growing rapidly. What are the forecasts of the future development? How should we approach this market? A Booming Market According to Ubifrance, the Chinese have 92 opp

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Nov 06, 2014

The Characteristics of the Chinese consumers

The Chinese market is not very homogeneous. Keep in mind that China is huge; consumption habits are different across regions, ethnic groups, etc. However, these consumption habits tend to be the sa

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Nov 03, 2014

Creating a Representative Office in China

A representative office “represents” a company in China, the role of a representative office is very limited. A representative office is mostly allowed to have three activities: the con

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Oct 31, 2014

How to find a good headhunter in China?

Small and medium-sized foreign companies in China usually use the services of headhunting companies for their recruitment, in most cases, it is a wise choice. How do these companies choose the head

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Oct 30, 2014

Solutions to keep your Chinese employees

The labor market in China is changing. Companies are facing a high turnover. Solutions exist to protect yourself against a high turnover and keep your Chinese employees. Upstream, recruit motivated

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