Oct 17th, 2019

101 Labour Contracts: Revocation and Termination

After a labour contract is concluded, both parties may revoke it if they reach an agreement on the matter through a joint consultation. Let’s look at the different scenarios in which a contra

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Oct 17th, 2019

Labor Contract Law in China and Legal Responsibility

The legal responsibilities are specified in the Chinese Labor Contract Law. The two parties of a labor contract should learn about the responsibilities and perform their obligations according to la

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Oct 14th, 2019

Edito by Wei Hsu : Doing Business in China

The idea of wanting to create a presence in China is a businessman’s dream. The domestic consumer market has unlimited potential as wages rise and Chinese consumers have more disposable income to

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Oct 10th, 2019

Focus on Performance and Modification of the Chinese Labor Contract

When both parties have concluded their labor contract and the contract comes into force, the employing unit and the worker shall fully perform their respective obligations in adherence to the labor

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Oct 07th, 2019

3 essential facts to know about labor law in China

To run your company and manage your employees in China, it can be a challenge to be compliant with the Chinese labor law. You may encounter many troubles if you’re not familiar with the labor law

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Oct 03th, 2019

Discover the Labor Contract Law of China’s General Provisions

For both employers and employees, it’s essential to learn about the Labor Contract Law of China’s general provisions, which provide comprehensive perspectives for concluding a lawful labor

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Sep 30th, 2019

Invoicing Solutions: 3 reasons to choose INS Global

Outsourcing the payroll and tax is a great strategy for foreign companies as it can save time and ensures they focus on core business activities, removing the need for a dedicated internal term. Mo

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Sep 23th, 2019

101 setting up for a representative office in China

It is a fast and easy approach to set up a representative office in China for a foreign company to engage in the Chinese market, as it has no capital requirements and the procedure is quite simple

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Aug 09th, 2019

3 common problems for creating a WFOE

It can be very tricky to create a WFOE in China if you don’t understand the exact rules of the Chinese WFOE policy. From choosing the location, deciding the business scope and registered capital,

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May 24th, 2019

Business: looking to launch in China stress-free? Make it easy with INS Global

Launching a company in China is not easy. It is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the country’s laws and administrative subtleties. For this, it’s better to surround yourself with those i

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