Streamlining Business Registration in China: The Five-In-One-Business License

The Chinese government has simplified the process of setting up a foreign company by rolling out the five-in-one business license. This cuts a great deal of the red tape associated with the previous business registration process. In recent years, the Chinese government has publicly reiterated its stated goal to promote entrepreneurship [...]

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China’s VAT Reforms

In 2016, the VAT, or value-added tax, became the primary indirect tax in China, phasing out the Business Tax of past few decades. China’s VAT regime is now unique in its broad coverage of industries including financial services and real estate. From the very beginning of China’s reform period until recently, [...]

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China’s Cybersecurity Law and Compliance for Foreign Businesses

China’s Cybersecurity Law came into effect on June 1st, 2017. The law has two main purposes, known to the public. One is to facilitate a larger effort of the Chinese government to establish supervisory control over Internet content. The other major purpose is to bring China closer to international cybersecurity standards. [...]

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Environmental Compliance for Foreign Companies in China

Compliance with environmental regulations should now be a major concern of virtually any company involved in manufacturing in China. The government is now putting teeth behind its enforcement efforts. For years, authorities did not enforce environmental laws in the interest of maintaining economic momentum. In 2017 alone, tens of thousands of [...]

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Beijing Further Liberalises Investment in China’s Free Trade Zones

On January 9th, the State Council announced its decision to relax foreign investment restrictions in the countries free trade zones. The nation’s 11 free trade zone form a project to deepen economic reforms and encourage foreign investment. The recent announcement signals China’s commitment to maintaining foreign investor interest in China's free [...]

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Understanding the Commercial Courts of the China One Belt One Road Initiative

China is proactively carrying out plans to establish a set of commercial courts for the One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR), the ambitious investment project to integrate 68 countries, covering 2/3 of the global population. In the past decade, international commercial courts have played an important role in globalization. Most notably, [...]

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How to Enter the Wine Market in China

Introduction According to the China Wine Market, as of February 2017, there are 48 million “wine lovers” in China. This is mainly due to the significant western influence in the major cities in China and also, due to the developing economy and the growing number of upper-middle class Chinese citizens. Being [...]

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A Chinese Employee’s Real Cost

For foreign companies, hiring Chinese nationals can be a good decision business-wise as these employees bring the potential for strong added value in several job functions, for instance in business development, branding, and project management. In addition, many people believe that local employees tend to require less in terms of labor [...]

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PEO in China: Professional Employment Organization

What is a PEO (Professional Employment Organization) ? This guide explains what is a PEO (Professional Employment Organization) and which are the main factors, advantages and conditions to know before collaborating with one. This is normally a third party contracted to administer all official employment undertakings. A Professional Employment Organization (PEO) [...]

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How to Structure a Salary Package in China?

This article explains how to structure a salary package for foreign and Chinese workers in China. In China’s labor market, foreign companies based in the mainland naturally encounter difficulties when implementing their human resources strategy. Especially so when it comes to defining their remuneration practices. While being compliant with the Chinese [...]

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Top 5 Booming Industries in China

This article unveils the top booming industries in China in 2017 Looking at China today, it is almost unfathomable that in 1981, 88% of its population was wallowing in hunger and poverty. Right now, China is the second largest world economy, only behind the United States. What spurred this monumental upturn [...]

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Tips to Setup a WFOE in China

The economic growth of the People’s Republic of China has significantly slowed down compared to the past few years. Whatsoever, it is still showing positive growth figures and is still on the right way to become the world’s largest economy. The establishment of a WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) has been the preferred [...]

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10 Key Factors in the Incorporation Cost of a Business into China

When either expanding or starting an overseas business, top among the initial challenges faced by a multinational company will be hiring and managing employees for the foreign-based subsidiary. This applies to both expats and locals on assignment as the majority of countries have set in place specific rules and guidelines to be [...]

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Crucial Tips for Employers Terminating an Employee in China

Main Concerns Employers Must Keep in Mind When Terminating an Employment Contract Regardless of the country or industry, employers face many difficulties and need to make tough decisions. Some of these include organization restructuring, business integration, change of operation mode, enterprise relocation, asset reorganization, etc. In each situation, employers often need [...]

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