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Looking to grow your business in China? Give it a home in Shanghai, China’s global powerhouse. Our inhouse workspace rental solutions provide a focused environment for you to make it big in this rapidly developing city. Access the largest market in Asia with a dedicated workspace for your business operations. Learn how INS Global can help you.

Etablish your office in our Shanghai open space, and become part of the INS Global client community in China and Asia. Benefit from the community and ou monthly events to develop your network.

Why rent an open space in China?

A company or a freelance worker who wishes to operate in China faces multiple difficulties when it comes to setting up an office locally:

  • Finding the right location which suits the business activity’s needs while adhering to Chinese legislation;
  • Set-up costs can be very high, and unfamiliarity with the city can lead to unplanned supplementary costs;
  • Equipping an office (wiring, furniture, electricity, internet etc.) takes time and requires considerable effort and financial resources.

To avoid high set-up costs and to save time during your establishment in China, INS Global offers the rental of its open space offices in Shanghai.

Set up your work in the INS Global Shanghai open space

INS Global offers foreign companies seeking to run their operations in China the opportunity to install their offices in a fully-equipped open space. Located close to the former French Concession, our Global Headquarters is designed for focus, collaboration and productivity.

  • Our open space office is equipped with:
  • a work station;
  • a digital fingerprint recognition system;
  • 24h video surveillance;
  • wifi, a private telephone line and a fax machine;
  • equipment: printer, photocopier and scanner;
  • a meeting room;
  • A reception and postbox service;
  • Daily cleaning service;
  • Printing, photocopying & scanning;
  • A team of professionals at your service.

Our space is your space

As well as all these commodities to facilitate your business activities, a team of professionals are at your service to welcome your partners, to pick up your mail and to clean your workspace daily.
Setting up in our Shanghai office is also an opportunity to connect with your co-workers and develop a large network of professionals who will be useful in the expansion of your business in China.
If you have decided to set up your business in China, INS Global is your ideal intermediary. For 12 years we have used our open space in Shanghai to welcome numerous foreign professionals from different industries. Working here therefore offers, as well as a well-equipped office space, a professional network to help your development in China.


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