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Our Clients

Over 10 years of Market-Entry Consulting

Since our founding in 2006, more than 300 companies worldwide have used INS Global’s services to simplify their expansion into new markets. We have worked closely with businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational corporations, continuously and successfully delivering on their ambitious expansion projects around the world. It is our thorough work, strong rapport with clients and professionals, and our extensive knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region, which differentiates us and allows us to stand out. 

Our expertise

We understand the complexities involved in entering new markets and the prospect of dealing with international red tape can be enough to put anyone off. Benefit from the experience of our team for all your global expansion needs. Whether you’re ready to setup a company in China or need help deciding on the best solution to enter the Japanese market, our experts will advise you on the most suitable option so that your business can reach its full potential. We pride ourselves on our track record of meeting and exceeding our clients’ high expectations and have a genuine desire to become part of your success. 

Expert services, tailored to your industry

Our mission is simple. To be flexible, adaptable and responsive to the needs of our clients no matter what industry they’re in. INS Global has provided solutions to companies in Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, and Engineering and Pharmaceutical, among others. Over the years, INS Global has become a well-known, trusted partner for many foreign businesses wishing to start the next chapter of their business, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning. 

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