Wei Hsu
Wei Hsu is the founder and CEO of INS Global Consulting. Native of Taiwan, he was born and raised in Spain. After studying in Spain, France and Japan, he worked successfully as an international business developer in Italy, South America and finally in China, before creating INS Global Consulting in 2006.

After more than seven years in Shanghai and through its international experience, Wei became one of the most recognized and influential entrepreneurs within the community of international expatriates. His reputation and expertise in business consulting have helped more than one hundred foreign companies to establish and expand their business in China.

Antoine Boquen
Business Developer & Project Manager
Antoine Boquen is the Business Developer and Project Manager of INS Global Consulting. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Law, he completed the Master in International Business degree from the Grenoble Graduate of Business in Beijing, China.

With more than three years of experience within French consultancies operating in China, he gained an extensive Business Administration knowledge and a strong cross-cultural exposure that he uses today to help foreign companies set up in China from both an administrative and staff management perspective. His entrepreneur mindset has driven him to become an efficient and higly reliable partner to expand one’s business.

David Perrenoud
Marketing Manager
David is the Marketing Manager at INS. Studied Communications & Marketing and graduated from IE University in Madrid, Spain. David develops INS’ online and offline strategical and tactical communications thanks to his specialization in marketing. He has completed his formation across many multicultural environments around the globe, such as North America, Europe and Asia recently.
His knowledge about new digital technologies allows him to him to stand out INS from the competence in the online sphere.
Jeida Boussenina
HR & Strategic Partnership Manager
Jeida Boussenina is the HR specialist of INS Global Consulting. She uses her business mindset to connect with people and handle projects through creative and efficient methods. She believes each day brings a different challenge and challenges are the motor of good work and commitment.

Specialized and well educated in business within the Greater China area, she relies on her Political Sciences studies in Lyon to deal with international complex administrative projects’ issues. Her main assets: a multilingual (English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Korean) and multicultural background that she adds to her Human Ressources management experience.

Cynthia Hu
Operating Director
Cynthia, 13 years of sales management and marketing experience for leading companies in their sector. Cynthia is now in INS responsible for market research, staff recruitment and training. She also develops marketing plans.

Her quote: “I believe that a positive attitude and good cooperation between your company and INS will permit to find the best solutions for your problems. With INS, working together lead us to progress forward together. ”

May Chao
Human Resources Manager
May has 20 years of experience in human resources. She was in very small companies but also in the biggest, with thousands of people. She has an excellent knowledge of all tasks related to human resources, from simple to more complex: The signing of a contract of employment through the construction of a database. She always tries to give the best of herself for her customers through constant training and practice.

Her quote: “I try to give the best of myself to be able to provide the best possible solution to my clients.”

Daniel Zhu
Human Resources Supervisor
Daniel now works as Human Resources Supervisor at INS. He graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai in Human Resources Management. He also handles everything related to working permits for foreign employees in order to allow them to remain legally in China for work. It also deals with working contracts.

His quote: “I love my career at INS! Every day new challenges come and opportunities to improve myself. This job allows me to do what I love the most: communicate with others. ”

Kenny Zhang
Legal Advisor
Kenny is the legal adviser of INS Global Consulting. He holds a Master in international business, law and trade. Kenny has many years of experience in Chinese law including: employment law, corporate law, contract law, mergers and acquisitions. After being legal consultant to multinationals ranked in the top 500 worldwide, Kenny joined the legal department of INS. He uses his experience to advise clients and provide the most appropriate solutions.

His quote: “Hard worker, I constantly improve myself to give you advice based on the latest reliable and relevant information. Understanding your needs is my priority to ensure quality service. ”

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