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Our top tips for recruiting top international talent

Recruiting international talent fills the talent gaps for skills that are deficient in your country, making your company more competitive and your workforce more diverse. If you apply the correct methods when recruiting internationally, you’ll save time and effort in the process. Here are 4 top tips from INS Global to help you succeed in recruiting internationally: 

1. Be specific about your company’s needs

When recruiting international talent, it’s a bad strategy to simply post job advertisements with general language without being specific about the role and how the successful candidate would support the company’s goals. In this case, time would be wasted down the line if it turns out that the candidate isn’t suitable or even interested in the position during the interview process.

To avoid this, you must be highly specific about your company’s needs by creating a detailed job description to target the right potential candidates. This will save both the candidates’ time and more importantly your time.

2. Provide a competitive salary package

An appealing salary package is a key factor that affects a candidate’s interest in your open position. Including more benefits in the salary package will make the candidate more likely to consider joining your international team. However, offering a salary package that is below the market average salary will make it less likely that a suitable applicant will apply, and will thus slow down the recruitment process. A low salary package may also mean access to less qualified candidates in the first place, which will ultimately waste time and energy, and increase your recruitment costs.

It’s important to bear in mind that when it comes to recruiting top international talent, an attractive salary package goes hand in hand with targeting the best candidates. In order to make the recruitment process more efficient, such an investment is necessary, and you will begin to reap the benefits when you find yourself hiring the right people for the job. Once hired, their competitive salary package will boost their employee morale in the workplace, thus resulting in the company achieving its goals and objectives

3. Provide career development opportunities

Nowadays, many young professionals are not only considering a job’s financial benefits but also career development opportunities. In China, many companies try to attract more qualified talent by promising them a chance to develop their career with them. If you want to find the right and loyal candidates, it may be a good idea to consider these options to reduce employee turnover.

4. Think globally and understand differences in workplace culture

Hiring international talent means that you should provide a diversified workplace so that every employee can get along with each other and stay motivated. It is therefore a good idea to learn the cultural differences in the workplace before you recruit them. 

If you’re looking for candidates in China, take a minute to look up Chinese business practices and figure out how you can adequately accommodate them. For example, you may need to learn about the official Chinese holidays and traditions, so that you can handle your interview with your candidates properly when they ask about holiday leave and workplace culture. This is sure to help your recruitment succeed.

Recruiting international profiles can be a challenge for HR departments because of a growing demand for international companies to hire such talent. INS Global offers an effective recruitment solution to help you hire top talent around the world. 

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