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Payroll & Tax Solutions Dubai

With a favourable tax environment and an increasingly popular business destination, Dubai has transformed over the years to become one a top destination for companies looking to take their operations global.


Why outsource payroll in Dubai?


Navigating payroll regulations in Dubai can be a challenge for businesses that aren’t familiar with UAE employment and tax law. There are specific regulations and processes to keep in mind when operating in Dubai and non-compliance could result in unforeseen costs or fines if no carried out correctly.

INS Global makes it easy for companies with or without a structure in Dubai to outsource their payroll process. We add your employees to our existing payroll Dubai, ensuring that it is completely compliant with UAE labor and tax law. You remain the employer of record while payroll calculations and tax deductions are outsourced to us.


Understanding payroll in Dubai (UAE)


All employee wages must be paid through the UAE’s electronic salary transfer system, known as WPS (Wage Protection System). The United Arab Emirates’ government has not established any tax law on a federal level and as such the UAE does not have any individual or corporate income tax (with the exception of certain industries including some foreign banks and companies in the oil and gas sector).


Social Security Contributions

Employee Social Security
(EE SS)  
0% for foreign staff
5% pension contributions for UAE citizens
Employer Social Security
0% for foreign staff
5% pension contributions for UAE citizens


Termination and Severance Pay in Dubai


In the UAE, employees who have worked continuously for an employer for at least one year are entitled to mandatory severance pay at the end of their employment. The amount of severance pay depends on the number of years of service. According to UAE law, this should not exceed two years’ worth of wages. INS Global can calculate this for you as well as manage all aspects of your payroll in Dubai.


Let INS Global manage your payroll and tax in Dubai


Whether you have a company structure in Dubai or are looking to enter the market for the first time, we can help you manage your payroll and tax needs in Dubai. With more than 15 years’ experience assisting companies with their expansion projects, INS Global has helped over 300 companies worldwide. Contact us today to tell us about how we can help your business in Dubai.

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